Nexus 7 Visits Bluetooth SIG Again With Android 4.3, the Question is Why?

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Rumors were swirling before Google I/O this year that we would see a refreshed Nexus 7, complete with new specs and features to “wow” us. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but the rumors of the Nexus 7 refresh have not gone away. The rumors keep alive and this weekend’s news that the Nexus 7 got re-certified for Bluetooth is interesting to say the least. Why would it need to pass through Bluetooth SIG again?   (more…)

It’s Friday, Time For The Droid Life Show to Keep You Company


It is about that time where we start wrapping up for the weekend, but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Episode 25 of The Droid Life Show (wow, that’s historical) is live and can keep you company anytime throughout the holiday weekend. In this episode, the DL crew goes over all of the excitement that took place at Google I/O, this week’s CTIA and everything in between, including NVIDIA’s SHIELD gaming unit and much more. (more…)

New Gmail App for Android Possibly Spotted in Google I/O Session, Assuming It’s Not Just an Ugly Mock-up

new android gmail1

Are you looking at the new UI of a redesigned Gmail app for Android? Possibly. The slide above appeared at the “Structure in Android App Design” session at Google I/O, which was focused on teaching developers how to choose which navigation techniques to use in their complex apps. This was the only look at what could potentially be the new Gmail, but if this is indeed it, there are some things worth talking about.  (more…)

Did Google Tease Us With Key Lime Pie During I/O Developer Sessions?

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 2.03.32 PM

Before last week’s Google I/O, rumors were almost certain that we would see a new version of Android announced. In case you haven’t heard, we didn’t get one. Nothing.

Although, during the conference, Google wasn’t prude about dropping some clues/hints about the next Android release during certain developer sessions. The image above was taken from a video during one of the developer presentations and looks to show our little Android eating some Key Lime Pie(more…)

Video: Entire Google I/O 2013 Keynote Replay Available


Did you miss the entire 3-hour Google I/O keynote from yesterday? Since Google decided not to do a day 2 keynote, they packed everything into day 1, with topics ranging from Google+ to Chrome to Android (barely) and even Google Maps. The entire thing ended with a 30-40 minute crowd Q&A with Larry Page that is at least worth a watch in and of itself. Overall, though, it was long…really long.

To see all of our coverage from Google I/O 2013, hit up this link.

SMS is Indeed Coming to Google Hangouts, According to Google+ Community Manager

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To say that readers were disappointed at the lack of SMS support in Google’s new Hangouts application is probably somewhat of an understatement. People are 100% ready to make Hangouts their number one way of communicating via phone, but if SMS (text message) support isn’t there, it becomes difficult, because not everyone you know is going to be up for switching their life over to Hangouts. We had heard through sources of ours that Google Voice support was eventually coming, but that it wouldn’t be a part of the service at launch – something that ended up being true.

Now, according to Google’s G+ community manager of Hangouts and Chat, Dori Storbeck,  SMS is one of their most requested features and will be “coming soon.”  (more…)

Google Updates Developer Console – Beta Tests, Analytics and More

revenue tracking

Today’s keynote at Google I/O was an overwhelming amount of product and feature announcements. Amongst the barrage of information was some updates to the Android Developer Console. This is the interface that developers use to deliver apps to devices. Google has made some key improvements which should translate to aiding developers with providing better experiences for users.  (more…)