Deals: LG G2, HTC One, and DROID ULTRA All $449 at Verizon

Our first story to kick off 2014 dropped yesterday morning, thanks to an announcement from Motorola that the Moto X would be priced at $399 off-contract going forward. As you can imagine for a phone that is on our list as the top Android phone of 2013, a permanent price cut to Nexus levels is pretty major news. But so you are aware, the Moto X at $399 isn’t the only good deal in town. Verizon, for example, has three other top tier phones listed at $449 off-contract.  (more…)

Report: LG Readies G3 With Fingerprint Scanner, G Arch Smartwatch, and G Health Fitness Tracker for MWC

Don’t tell me you are surprised by the idea that LG is readying a follow-up to the G2 with its own set of wearable gadgets. It may seem too soon, but the company didn’t exactly sell its current flagship in the record numbers it was hoping for and are likely looking to rebound with something new. With smartwatches, even as rough-around-the-edges as they currently stand, you are looking at the hot tech topic of the moment right now that every company  is seemingly interested in creating. According to two separate reports out of Korean media outlets, LG will more than likely introduce the new G3 and up to two wearable devices by the time next year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) rolls around.  (more…)

Top 5 Android Phones of 2013

At the end of each year, it’s easy to find ourselves both looking back at all that happened over the past 12 months, trying to reflect on it, and then looking forward to what’s ahead. The “what’s ahead” is about to hit us with a right-cross in a couple of weeks when CES arrives, so I’d say that I’m still very much in the reflection stage at this point. Which brings me to this post and my thoughts on the top 5 Android phones of the year.

The year 2013 was filled with the most incredible smartphones the world has ever seen. 1080p displays became a standard (for the most part), cameras grew increasingly better, battery life is now measured in days instead of hours, customization was introduced, and prices may have started to decline across the board. Phone manufacturers also seem to have figured out winning formulas for the most part in terms of hardware, but only one still has the marketing side (or budget) on lock. All of that helped shape this list.  (more…)

Verizon LG G2 Update to Build VS98012B Approved and Ready to Roll Out

Verizon approved an update for its variant of the LG G2 this afternoon as build VS98012B. No, it’s not Kit Kat. We aren’t expecting that big of an update to come for a while. Instead, the update focuses on fixing bugs, adding a Google security patch (probably killing root exploit), swapping bloatware, and improving video playback. I’d actually call this pretty minor when you compare it to the updates we have seen for devices like the DROID MAXX or Moto G in recent days.

To try and pull the update, head into Settings>About phone>Software update>Check New.

The full changelog can be found below.  (more…)

LG G2 on AT&T Receiving Update to Build D80010o – Makes It Isis Ready, Fixes Bugs

The LG G2 for AT&T is set to receive an update starting today that brings it up to build D80010o. The update appears to be minor at just 57MB and only including a couple of bug fixes, along with the necessary changes to make it Isis ready. Other than that, the changelog claims that it introduces an “Enhanced Google Map” and Ready2Go enhancements.

It is certainly not Android 4.4, or even Android 4.3 for that matter.  (more…)

Contest: Win an AT&T LG G2 from Droid Life!

The LG G2, easily one of the best phones of 2013 (our review), is in our possession and ready to be handed over to one of you. That’s right, it’s LG G2 contest time! The variant we have up for grabs today works on AT&T’s network, and is for the most part identical to the international variant, or in other words, the way LG envisioned the device. That means you don’t get the odd adjustment to the back buttons that Verizon tossed on to their variant, nor do you get wireless charging. But the rest of it is pure awesome.

We’re talking the 5.2-inch FHD LCD, that incredible soft touch when swiping around it, features like KnockOn, an amazing multi-point autofocus camera, and battery life for days. If it weren’t for the existence of phones like the Nexus 5 and Moto X, this might be topping our list of phones for the year. It really is that good.

So who wants it?  (more…)

Cyber Monday Deal: Amazon has All Sorts of Phones for a Penny, Like the LG G2 in White or Moto X

Amazon might be the king of Cyber Monday deals, but that’s no surprise if you consider the variety of products that can be purchased through their online shop. I will say, that it can often times be somewhat overwhelming to sift through, especially on days like today where all you want to do is find the best possible deals to spend your hard earned money on. So to hopefully help you out some, we have gone ahead and cruised through the phone listings of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint to find you the best deals available.

In the lists below, you’ll see phones like the brand new white LG G2, Moto X in either black or white, and HTC One in a handful of colors for as little as $0.01 on new contract. You’ll also find the Nexus 5 for Sprint in either black or white for as little as $9.99 on contract.

The full retail prices can’t match what Motorola is doing today or what Google does everyday, but this is certainly an option for those who don’t mind signing a new contract.  (more…)