Adobe to Introduce 3D Games and Cross-Platform HD Video with Flash Player 11 and AIR 3

Adobe surprised the heck out of the internet last night with their announcement of Flash Player 11 and AIR 3, along with Stage3D architecture.  I think it’s pretty obvious that they are ready to take online gaming, video, and applications to the next level when these two drop in early October.

As you all know, the internet is a better place with Flash in it, so if this new version 11 can live up to even half of what this press release says, then we are in for some really incredible things. With Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 plus Stage3D, users will enjoy full hardware-accelerated rendering of 2D and 3D graphics at 1000x faster than version 10.  We are talking console-quality, 60 frames per second domination on computers with mobile versions on the way.

Some of the gaming industry’s top dogs like Zynga, EA, and Ubisoft have already endorsed this latest release.  So if Android users have continued to wonder still to this day why we aren’t seeing as many big time titles as iOS, then prepare yourselves, as this release is surely going to help remedy that situation.

Release is after the break, along with the video introduction of Stage3D by the Adobe crew.   (more…)

Adobe Flash Updated To Version

Always a good day when our lovely Android devices receive an Adobe Flash update. Enabling us to further browse and surf the web with ease, and joy. After reporting on the update to Google+, our Twitter friends didn’t waste any time in letting us know that Flash was also issued an update.

Market Link

Fixes and Enhancements in Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player addresses compatibility issues:

  • Calls to gotoAndPlay() and gotoAndStop() no longer fail in some Flash applications which load shared libraries (2943612).
  • TextField instances which specify a negative offset (x property contains a negative value) now correctly flow the text horizontally instead of vertically (2941680).
  • Improved performance in some cases when displaying complex animations (2941931).
  • Flash applications at certain websites ( now load correctly (2944081).

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Youtube and Flash Both Receive Minor Updates on Android

You may have already noticed, but updates for both Flash 10.3 and Youtube went live over the last 24 hours.  Neither include anything major and are instead just meant to fix bugs and security issues.  There is a chance that the last Youtube update caused some problems with many of you; this new update should make your tummy feel much better.  Flash on the other hand is a typical “security” thing, meaning you won’t notice it at all.

Market Links:  Flash | Youtube

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Google Voice Update Includes Battery Enhancement, Flash 10.3 Receives Support for OMAP4 Devices

One of the greatest apps on Earth, Google Voice, has an update available that should help to improve your battery life even though part of it also allows for your screen to stay on while listening to voicemails.  I know, it seems like two things that would work against each other, but you know what?  We’ll take Google Voice for its word, since it’s so awesome.   (more…)

Both Adobe AIR and Flash 10.3 Receive Updates

Both Adobe AIR and Flash 10.3 should be prompting you to update any minute now.  Neither appear to include anything critical, but it’s always good to stay up-to-date on these things, right?

AIR changes:

  • AAC audio will now decode and play back correctly on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) devices.
  • Ghosting and green artifact issue now fixed on Android 2.2 devices with the NVIDIA Tegra2

Flash 10.3 changes:

Market Links: Flash 10.3 | Adobe AIR

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How to: Watch Hulu on the Motorola XOOM

Motorola XOOM champ BigRushDog just released some magic – a patched version of Flash 10.3 that allows for Hulu playback as long as you are on Android 3.1.  And it definitely works.  Here is how to do it:

1.  Uninstall your current Flash 10.3.
2.  Download the file from below and install it.
3.  Head into your browser and update the UAString to “Desktop.”

Type:  about:debug and press enter.  Head into Settings>Debug>UAString>Desktop.

4.   Jump over to and enjoy.

Download:  Flash_10.3-Hulufied_BRDizzle.apk

Again, all credit to BigRushDog at XDA.  Be sure to donate to him.

Via:  XDA

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Flash 10.3 Update Goes Live, Looks Like Bug Fixes

Just on the heels of news that Netflix decided to finally release an Android app, the Adobe team has stepped up and dropped Flash 10.3 on us.  We aren’t exactly sure what prompted this big jump from .2 to .3, but the market does says that “Important bug fixes and security enhancements” were included.  So nothing major up front or on the level as the update the other day which tipped us all to the release of Android 3.1.

Market Link |  Details

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