Bootloader Bypass Tool Released for Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S4, DROID DNA Sees S-OFF Too

verizon galaxy s4

Bootloaders in general had a tough day today – or should I say the security departments behind them. Dan Rosenberg went ahead and published “Loki,” his tool for helping developers flash custom kernels and recoveries on the Galaxy S4 variants of Verizon and AT&T. It’s not a full bootloader unlock tool (“bootloader itself is untouched”) like we saw with a handful of Motorola devices, but it is a positive sign for the dev crowd. There isn’t a tool that can be used to do anything at this time – you’ll instead have to wait for your favorite ROM dev to use Loki in their next release.  (more…)

[Deal] Verizon Handing Out Free DROID DNA Coupon Codes

free droid dna

The HTC DROID DNA, which could easily be considered Verizon’s best available phone (our review), can be had for free thanks to a new coupon code and referral program that Big Red is running through May 21. All you have to do, is click through on the source link below, type in your email address, and wait for your coupon code to arrive (should take only a couple of minutes). Once you have it, you can print out the code and redeem it inside a Verizon or store, or use it during checkout through their online shop.  (more…)

Video: HTC Sense 5.1 and Android 4.2.2 Leak for the Butterfly

notification toggle shtc

An Android 4.2.2 build that features Sense 5.1 has leaked for the HTC Butterfly. The entire dump is actually available for download if you’d like to start playing around with it. I know I’m curious to see if devs can do anything with it for the HTC One and DROID DNA (brother phone of the Butterfly), though there are no guarantees that that will happen.  (more…)

Verizon Hosting “Red Hot Deal Days” – RAZR MAXX HD for $150, RAZR M for Free, Galaxy S3 for $99 and More

razr maxx deal

Verizon is currently hosting a “Red Hot Deal Days” event from today through May 12 (this Sunday), so if you were in the market for a new Big Red smartphone, now wouldn’t be a bad time to look. Well, assuming you aren’t interested in the Galaxy S4, since that won’t be out until May 30. But if the GS4 isn’t on your radar, you’ll find deals on the RAZR MAXX HD and regular RAZR HD, RAZR M, Incredible 4G LTE, Blackberry Z10 (hah!), and more.

The DROID line is headlining this show, with the RAZR MAXX HD at $149 on contract, RAZR HD at $49, and RAZR M and Incredible 4G LTE for free. The Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB model) is also there for $99 on new 2-year contract.

Keep in mind that Amazon will beat almost all of these prices, starting with the RAZR MAXX HD at $99 on contract.

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HTC: When We Announce Our Next Product With Verizon, We’ll Make a Big Deal About It

htc one3

Is the HTC One ever going to arrive on Verizon? We still don’t know for sure. There have been certification sightings of a device with similar specs to the One, along with a couple of reports out of AllThingsD which suggest a One variant is indeed on the way. HTC’s verified Twitter account said the opposite, that it’s not coming to Verizon, though, but quickly deleted that Tweet, causing some controversy. With all that said, HTC still isn’t ready to announce anything, though they did mention this morning during a Q&A with Yahoo that once they do announce a product with Verizon, they’ll be sure to make a big deal out of it.  (more…)

DROID DNA “SIM Card Error” Update is Live

dna update

If you own a DROID DNA, you should be receiving a new 32MB update at any moment. According to the wave of emails that populated our inbox moments ago, a number of you have already received and installed it. At 32.9MB, it should only take a few minutes to complete, assuming you are on LTE.

The update has one purpose – to fix the SIM card error that has plagued the phone for some time.

To check to see if the update is available, head into Settings>About>Software updates.

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