Beats Music Goes Live With Subscriptions Starting at $9.99 Per Month, After 7-Day Free Trial

Beats Music is now live. The new music service has started to rollout across platforms already this morning, with the Android app just now going live. To test the service for free, Beats is giving everyone a 7-day trial, which seems to only involve installing the app and creating an account. If you decide to hang with it, you can join for $9.99 per month.

AT&T customers appear to get the best deal, which was announced a week ago. If your family is on AT&T, you can sign-up your family account for $14.99 (up to 5 lines and 10 devices) and receive music that doesn’t count against your data plan (part of AT&T’s new sponsored data, we assume).

We are digging into it now and will have more shortly!  (more…)

Beats Music Launches January 21, Partners With AT&T for $14.99 Per Month Family Plan

Beats Music, the streaming music service created by the headphone giant of the same name, will launch January 21 in an exclusive partnership deal with AT&T. For $14.99, your entire family (up to 5 members and 10 devices) can be a part of Beats Music, and that’s after you try the service for free for 90 days. With access to over 20 million songs and “a unique curated experience,” AT&T is telling you to download at will as well. They claim to have made Beats Music available on an unlimited basis (both streaming an downloading for offline listening) for AT&T subscribers. We’re not sure if this is their first sponsored data deal or something separate, but they are making this sound as if your tiered data plan is unaffected by the service.

If you are an individual, you can access Beats Music on up to 3 devices for $9.99 per month.

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Beats Music is Coming in January With Help From AT&T, Reserve Your Username Now

Well, Beats Music is in fact a real thing and it should be here in January 2014. According to Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers, the service has been in testing for quite some time thanks to the help of “people who know and love music,” along with a few of his personal heroes. Details on how the service will work are scarce, but rumors peg it as a Spotify competitor focusing on playlists.  (more…)

With HTC Selling Off Remainder of Beats Audio Stake, One Max Will Still Sport Killer Audio According to Beats President

htc one

Just last week, it was announced that Beats Audio would be buying back $265 million worth of stock from HTC. With the phone manufacturer still relying heavily on the Beats brand to sell devices, Beats president Luke Woods, confirmed that the supposedly upcoming One Max from HTC will still carry the audio software/drivers onboard. With the phone almost due for unveiling, it would clearly be too late to remove such a feature from the device, but it is unknown whether HTC will continue to license Beats for future devices.  (more…)

Monster Launches Line of Android-powered Tablets, Priced at $150

Monster M7

Monster, well known for its former partnership with Beats By Dre headphones, looks to have entered the tablet game. What kind of shocks us is that these are not overpriced tablets, either. The M7, which features specs best kept in 2012, sports a price tag of just $150, while its big brother the M10, will come with a bit-heftier tag and better specs. Details on the M10 are still unavailable.  (more…)

Beats By Dre Reportedly Looking for Investors to Buy Out HTC’s Share of the Company

htc beats headphones

It seems that HTC just can’t catch a break these days. The HTC One isn’t saving the company as HTC hoped and sales in some of the past quarters have been disappointing. As the numbers have rolled in, they have signaled for Beats By Dre to look for other investors in their company. HTC purchased a majority share of Beats almost 2 years ago and despite having sold off 25% of that share already, Beats wants HTC out completely.  (more…)

HP Slate 7 Tablet Now on Sale – Beats Audio and Nice Design for $169.99

Slate 7 HP

Today, you can pick up HP’s newest piece of hardware, the Slate 7, an Android-powered tablet complete with licensed Beats Audio software on board. The tablet is powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 chip clocked at 1.6GHz, 1GB of RAM, features 8GB of internal memory, runs Android 4.1, and sports a not-so-hot 7″ WVA display. What redeems this tablet’s sub-par specs is the price though, set at just $170.

While we would probably recommend you spend the extra $30 and pick up a Nexus 7, this is the beauty of options.  (more…)