Apple Music Gets All-New Design on Android

Apple Music, an app we haven’t written up in almost a year, received a big update today on Android! Typically, I would follow up that initial statement with jokes about Apple products being featured here on an Android site and how no one uses it and all that jazz, but the reality is that many of you may use this, should you be on a family plan or need all the Chance or Drake exclusives you can get in real-time. So yeah, Apple Music update!

The update is v2.0.0 and features an “all-new” design with “greater clarity and simplicity.” It looks like a lot of white mixed with dots and lines of Droid Life’s pink color. Dare I say, it’s hot?  (more…)

Smartwatches, Not Exactly Selling Well These Days

IDC released their latest smartwatch market info this morning and it certainly appears to paint a bleak picture for the smartwatch industry. From Q3 of last year to Q3 of this year, shipments of watches dropped 51.6%. That’s, um, a big drop.

Their numbers show smartwatch shipments dropping from 5.6 million last Q3 to 2.7 million this Q3. Part of the drop could be attributed to the fact that the new Apple Watch only arrived with two weeks left in the quarter, but it could also be because no one else really seems to be releasing new watches worth jumping on.  (more…)

Nintendo Will Launch Super Mario Run for Android in the Future

One of the more exciting announcements during the iPhone 7 event was the introduction of Super Mario Run from Nintendo. To describe the upcoming game as plainly as possible, it looks like a horizontal Temple Run, but Mario. The game is to be made available exclusively for iOS at first, but Nintendo has confirmed to Kotaku that Super Mario Run will indeed come to Android eventually.  (more…)

Apple Music Jumps Out of Beta, Which It Probably had Some Dumb Exclusive On

Apple Music, a late-to-the-party and sloppily created music service that few would care about if it wasn’t for Apple’s large bank account and the company’s willingness to empty that account into the pocket books of musicians for exclusive rights to songs and albums, is now out of beta. I know, you probably didn’t even realize that it was still technically in beta, but it was. And now, it isn’t.

By shedding the beta tag, Apple Music has landed on v1.0.0 with a new equalizer and other performance, playback, and stability improvements along for the ride.  (more…)