DEALS, DUDE: It’s Amazon Prime Day! (Updated)

Just a quick reminder, but yep, today is Amazon Prime Day. It’s not only a day to celebrate Amazon’s birthday and its Prime members, it’s also a day that Amazon says will have more deals than Black Friday. That’s a pretty bold statement. However, after looking through some of the day’s lightning deals, it’s safe to say that they may come close to besting that other big shopping day.

We would attempt to give you the ultimate Prime Day list of deals, but that would take a day’s worth of work, because some of these deals are only available as lightning deals and are then gone within minutes. So, your best bet is to hit up the Amazon link below, find sections on Amazon you are interested in, and then plan your day around the deals you might attempt to jump on.

We’ll also do our best to add good deals to the bottom of this post as we see them.

Amazon Prime Day Link  | Electronics Deals (more…)

Forget Black Friday: Amazon Introduces Prime Day, Global Shopping Event Exclusive to Prime Members

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Amazon has a special treat coming for Prime members. According to a press release, this one-day event, called Prime Day, will host more deals than that of Black Friday, where shoppers can take advantage of numerous online Lightning Deals, Deals of the Day, and receive Prime’s fast, 2-day shipping for free.  (more…)

FREE: Amazon is Giving Away $50 in Apps Today

Hey, you, interested in some free sh*t? Amazon has $50 in apps for you to consume at no cost for the next week. Well, the cost is that you will need their Appstore installed on your phone, but you may not mind since they are giving you all of this fun for free.

The bundle of free apps includes titles like Weather Live ($1.99), The Bard’s Tale ($2.99) and Trouserheart ($2.99), AVG AntiVirus Pro ($11.99), and Table Top Racing ($2.97). This may not be the best app pack we have seen to date, but there are certainly some decent games in there that will help you kill some time.

To download the Amazon Appstore, head over to this link. Once you are done, hit up the link below for this week’s bundle of free apps.

Amazon Link

Amazon Echo is Now Available to All at $179

Amazon’s personal assistant/kitchen buddy/media streamer/news updater/joke teller/home controller that is manipulated by voice, the Amazon Echo, is now available for all to purchase at the price of $179. The cylindrical speaker will ship on July 14.

Not familiar with Echo? Here’s the story. Echo was introduced in November to Prime members in very limited supply at $99 as a voice-activated assistant that includes a speaker, allowing it to double as a media player in any room. You had to sign-up to show interest in Echo, but Amazon didn’t exactly let you order it right away. At first, they only let you request an invite to purchase and would notify you if selected. Soon after that, they let almost any Prime member order one, with shipping estimates months and months out. For example, Tim and I ordered Echo some time in early January, but neither of us actually received units until last month.  (more…)

Amazon Echo Now Supports IFTTT Recipes

Fond user of IFTTT? Happen to own an Amazon Echo? Well, you’re in luck. The Echo assistant from Amazon now supports IFTTT recipes, allowing for a multitude of things to be accomplished with just your voice.

For example, if you need a physical copy of your grocery list, ask Alexa what’s on the list, and IFTTT can then automatically send it to your HP ePrint printer. Fancy, yeah?  (more…)