Both Adobe AIR and Flash 10.3 Receive Updates

Both Adobe AIR and Flash 10.3 should be prompting you to update any minute now.  Neither appear to include anything critical, but it’s always good to stay up-to-date on these things, right?

AIR changes:

  • AAC audio will now decode and play back correctly on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) devices.
  • Ghosting and green artifact issue now fixed on Android 2.2 devices with the NVIDIA Tegra2

Flash 10.3 changes:

Market Links: Flash 10.3 | Adobe AIR

Cheers Adam and @yisroelg1!

Adobe AIR Update Includes Tablet Support and Better Performance, Where is Flash though?

There is a big ol’ Adobe AIR update in the market and it brings the app some much needed tablet support, but also improves overall performance and GPU-based rendering.  Sweet, right?  The sad thing is, we’re still trying to see where AIR fits into our everyday lives.  After being introduced a few months back, I can’t say that I’ve actually used an AIR app since…but maybe that’s just a “me” problem.

Oh, and where is the Flash 10.2 download!  Let’s do this Adobe!

Cheers Deep!

Found Interesting Adobe AIR Apps? Share them here!

With the launching of Adobe AIR late last night, most people are wondering what the heck they can do with it now and have no idea what kinds of apps are available.  One of AppBrain‘s users has put together a nice list of AIR apps, but that’s definitely not all of them.  As we mentioned earlier this morning, simply do a search for “adobe air” in the Market and you’ll get at least 50 apps to check out.  Most of them are super new and not as polished as you’d like, but it’ll at least give you a chance to mess around with what AIR has to offer.

And the app above called Darcel vs. Pigeons! is pretty damn addicting.  Download it here.

What else have you guys found?  Drop it below in the comments.

Adobe AIR Lands on Android Market

Adobe AIR is now available on the Android Market and I highly suggest that you go download and install it immediately.  Why?  Because in order to run any AIR apps that come out in the near future, you will need to have it installed on your phone.  AIR was created as a tool to allow developers to make apps that would be easily transferable to other platforms, but the AIR app itself is also needed in order for you to run those same apps.  (Read more on AIR here.)

In the description from the market, Adobe is directing you to which doesn’t get you much at this time.  If you want some AIR apps right now, then after you do a search for “Adobe AIR” in the market, check out all of the apps that show up below it.  And if you were wondering, AIR apps in general will be available in the market and install just like any other app would.

Download Link

Cheers Shane!

Adobe AIR for Android Hits Market on 10/8

We just received word from Adobe that the first official release of Adobe AIR for Android will land on the market October 8th!

Not familiar with AIR?  I’ll do my best to explain it in simple terms, but you can find a full breakdown of it at this post.  AIR for Android provides developers with the opportunity and tools to create great apps that work outside of a browser and on multiple platforms.  So apps made in AIR can essentially run on a PC, Android device, i*hone, etc. without much tweaking in between.  Basically, it’s what we would call, “amazing.”

When we were invited down to San Fran for the Android summit back in August, we got a first look at some pretty fun AIR apps, so trust me when I say that this will be a date to mark on your calendar.  In fact, in the “Droid Does Flash” webcast the other day, Adobe evangelist Ryan Stewart pulled up an AIR app which appeared to be the greatest beer tasting/traveling companion you’ll find.  And Ryan, if you are reading this, we still want a copy of it!

Thoughts?  Confused at what AIR is?  Excited for AIR?

Adobe AIR 2.5 will have P2P Video Chatting

How can you not love Adobe?  In the upcoming release of Adobe AIR 2.5 for Android, a new P2P video chatting app will be featured, snarkily named FlashTime.  Get it?  (Poor Apple.)  They haven’t released source or a working beta yet, but from the sounds of it, this thing is close to being ready.

In this new build they have included both camera and microphone features which makes the official release of AIR that much more interesting.  Check out the video action below…

(In Flash of course.)

Source:   Flash Mobile Blog
Via:   Download Squad

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