New Android 3.2 SDK Is Now Available

The Android developers team just tweeted that the new developer SDK for Android 3.2 is now available. 3.2 has the built in zoom feature, and also allows for SD Card support on Android tablets. These SDK’s always come with neat emulators, so feel free to load it up and take a tour. And If you haven’t received the update for your XOOM Wi-Fi yet, there are ways to update manually as well.

Here are the update notes.

Via: Android Developers

Motorola XOOM To See Android 3.2 In A Matter Of Days?

While other Honeycomb tablets are just now receiving Honeycomb 3.1, the Motorola XOOM is prepping to receive the latest Gooogle concoction labeled 3.2. Over at the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), a member with an email ending in “” spoke of a Motorola XOOM update coming within a few days.

3.2 is said to bring Honeycomb functionality to tablets with smaller screens, so beyond that, we don’t exactly know how it will affect the XOOM. Guess we’ll all find out sooner, rather than later.

Via: AOSP, Android Central