AT&T Customers Who Switched to T-Mobile for Free Year of DIRECTV NOW to Also Receive Free Year of Hulu

In mid-December, T-Mobile offered AT&T customers who switched to the Uncarrier a free year of the DIRECTV NOW streaming service. As it turns out, DIRECTV NOW kinda sucks, so to make it up to those specific customers, T-Mobile is granting them a free year of access to Hulu, “an awesome streaming service that actually works.” (more…)

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 Battery Killing Update Arrives Today

Just a quick heads-up, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 owners, but the big update is coming today. No, not Nougat. This is the update that will stop your phone from being able to charge, rendering it useless.

T-Mobile set today as the target date for this update to begin rolling out a couple of weeks ago, right after Samsung announced that they were ready to take extreme action against those refusing to return their Note 7 device. I think it’s clear that Samsung wants all Note 7 devices recalled, so that they can move on to what’s next.  (more…)