Activision’s Geometry Wars 3 Hits Google Play for $5

From publishers Activison, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is now available on Google Play for $5. In this game, you control a tiny ship of sorts, shooting various shapes that want to destroy you.

When you blow up a ship, they drop emerald green coins, and these coins are used to multiply your score and give you a better weapon. As you progress, the game gets increasingly difficult, with faster enemies, and even bosses.  (more…)

Tip: Google Opinion Rewards is Still a Great Way to Earn Cash to Pay for Apps

Back in November of 2013, Google introduced an app called Google Opinion Rewards. We haven’t talked about the app much since, but because it has become a great source of funding for app purchases (like icon pack hotness), we figured it was time for a reminder that it exists. A lot has happened in two years, plus many of you are new around these parts and may not have known that Google was even doing a rewards/survey app that you could earn cash from.  (more…)

Deal: ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30,000mAh Battery Pack for $60, Down From $100

For a limited time, you can grab a ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30,000mAh Battery Pack for just $60 on the DL Deals Store, down from its original price of $99.99. With 30,000mAh of juice, users should have zero issue getting multiple charges for their smartphone or tablet from this pack.  (more…)

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Decent Deal: $499 for a Brand New Unlocked LG G4

A deal running since yesterday over at eBay has the LG G4 priced at just $499. That’s a solid price on a phone that is arguably as good as Samsung’s Galaxy S6 in most categories and may beat it in some (battery life would be an example). Verizon wants $550 for it, while T-Mobile and AT&T each want $600 and $630, respectively.

The phone is brand new, unlocked, and ready for use on your favorite GSM networks. The bands listed show that it should work perfectly on AT&T (or Cricket), but should also work well on T-Mobile. The phone comes with 32GB of storage, plus that lovable microSD card slot for more (You could toss in the 200GB card from Amazon).

At this time, the grey model is sold out, but both white and gold are available. Free standard shipping is also included.

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Silly: Tindog Brings the Excitement of Tinder to Your Forever Friend’s Paws

Most people here are likely aware of an app called Tinder. It’s pretty popular among the younger, single crowd. The app acts as a game of Hot or Not, and if two people mark each as Hot, they are allowed to communicate back and forth, potentially leading up to a date. Given how progressive we as a society are in 2015, it was only a matter of time until this app broke the species barrier, and now, Tindog is available for all dog owners on Google Play.  (more…)