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oneplus 5 wallpapers

Download: OnePlus 5 Wallpapers

Hampus Olsson is back with more free goodies, now that the OnePlus 5 has been announced. The artist once again created the wallpapers for the latest OnePlus device and has posted them up for download on his website. There are seven wallpapers to be had,...
google jobs search

Google’s New Job Search Tool is Here

At Google I/O, Google showed off its new jobs search tool that allowed you to find jobs without going to the dozen or so job search engines spread about the web. The tool pulls job listings from some of the big players in the game and puts them in a single...
buy oneplus 5

Tuesday Poll: Are You Buying the OnePlus 5?

Is the OnePlus 5 your next phone? That's the question we want answered now that we know the dirty details of OnePlus' new flagship. We know the specs, network bands, price, and when you can fork out that cash (spoiler: right now). We also know if it has...