“Ok Google, Shazam This Track” Right From Your Android Wear Smartwatch

Android Wear users who need to quickly discover music can now do so right from their wrist, thanks to an update in the official Shazam app on Google Play.

The next time your phone is paired with an Android Wear watch, simply say, “Ok Google, Shazam this song,” then wait for the results. Shazam will use your watch’s built-in mic to listen to the track, then display all necessary information right there on your wrist.  (more…)

Sling TV Arrives for Android TV, Buy a Nexus Player for 50% Off When You Pre-Pay for 3 Months of Service

Sling TV, the online TV streaming service, now works with your Android TV. To celebrate, Sling is offering 50% off a Nexus Player purchase for new customers who pre-pay for 3 months of Sling TV service. Already own a Nexus Player? Sling TV is gifting you a free week of trial service, hoping you will cut the cord to your current provider at the end of the week.  (more…)

Report: Google to Introduce New “Internet of Things” Software at I/O to Take Over Your Home

Next week, Google will debut a new software at next week’s Google I/O that the search giant hopes will eventually take over your home, according to a report out of The Information. The Internet of Things (IoT), as we call it, is a smart world around us where everything is connected, from appliances to sprinklers to security systems to your bed. Developing a platform for developers to easily get into IoT is Google’s next big move.  (more…)

Still Not Surprised: Saygus has Once Again Delayed the “World’s Most Advanced Smartphone”

The Saygus V2 has been delayed once again. You still shouldn’t be surprised by this. We have been telling you to expect this over and over agin. In fact, we asked you when pre-orders opened if you wanted to bet on whether or not this thing would ship in the 6-8 week timeframe that was originally given. No one should have taken that bet, because it was a sucker bet. A company like this (newish, inexperienced, and who is clearly overpromising to excite a small customer base), who is attempting to take a barely working phone to polished retail unit that’s delivered to the masses in two or three months, is setting itself up for failure. Hell, even large companies who actually know what they are doing would struggle with that tight of a window.

So yeah, after missing their March shipping date, then emphatically declaring that May 22 would be the official shipping date, Saygus is once again delaying the release of a phone they continue to call the “world’s most advanced smartphone.” This time, they don’t even have an estimate as to when this little guy will begin to ship. I guess they learned after missing two shipping dates that you should stop with the promises.  (more…)