Download: Gingerbread Icons for LauncherPro

If you weren’t into the Gingerbread Launcher that we posted this morning because you are like most of us and  can’t live without LauncherPro, then we wanted to post these Gingerbread icons up to at least give you the look without losing all of the greatness that is LP.  Big thanks to mrl09 for posting […]

LauncherPro Update Coming This Week?

This is definitely what we want to hear on a chilly Monday afternoon in December. It’s been too long without word from Federico Carnales and his LauncherPro, meaning we’re starting to get antsy. If you recall reading this true masterpiece of an interview, you will remember Fede announcing he would be rewriting the entire app from scratch […]

Download: Droid Life Themed LauncherPro

Well thanks to a very nice themer (Signals23) over at XDA, we now have our very own Droid Life version of LauncherPro. We have shown his work here on DL before, but this one deserves some special recognition. Signals23 is responsible for many of the themed versions that you’ve seen of our favorite home replacement app and […]