Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Now Available Just About Everywhere!

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ launch day is here! After months of speculation and rumor, followed by an Unpacked event a few weeks back and then a pre-order period, the phones are now in stores. And we’re not talking select stores – we’re talking all the stores.

To buy the Galaxy S8 or S8+ of your dreams, you’ll find links to the big carriers and retailers below. If you need pricing or deal information, hit up this link(more…)

Galaxy S8 Guide: How to Take Screenshots

We don’t typically talk much about how to take screenshots on the Android phones you guys buy because it’s been the exact same process for years. On a Samsung phone, you do a palm swipe across the screen (if enabled) or press Power + Home for a couple of seconds. On all other Android phones, it’s a press of Power + Volume Down for a couple of seconds. Any newb knows how this works. Plus, the last thing any of you need is for us to become another Android SEO farm. There are enough of those. Gross.

With that said, if you have been a long-time Samsung Galaxy phone owner, things are actually changing on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in the screenshots department. How exciting!   (more…)

Verizon Just had a Terrible Quarter That was Only Slightly Less Terrible Thanks to Unlimited Data

For years, Verizon has been able to continue to add customers, even as carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint have offered comparable plans at rock bottom prices with free phone deals and other gimmicks. Verizon could always fall back on its network being the best, even if their plan selection wasn’t or their prices were much higher than others. Something seems to have changed in 2017, though, as the company just reported what may be their worst quarter ever, a quarter that was actually on pace to be even worse if not for the introduction of Verizon Unlimited(more…)

Galaxy S8 / S8+: First 10 Things to Do!

Now that our Galaxy S8 and S8+ unboxing is out of the way, it’s time to dive into the capabilities of Samsung’s newest top-tier phone. As you know, we do that by breaking it down into tips and tricks, camera reviews, and the first 10 things we think you should.

In this “First 10 Things” video for the Galaxy S8 (or Galaxy S8+), we do our best to be there for Samsung owners who are in for a big change when it comes to using their new phone. Because Samsung has ditched the physical home button and gone virtual, there are a whole bunch of actions that are now different.  (more…)