Google Reportedly Adding Fingerprint Authentication in Android ‘M’

It is rumored, and sort of confirmed, that Google will announce Android M at next week’s Google I/O developer conference. What Google officially plans to announce with Android M is still unknown, but one report floating around claims the company will introduce native Fingerprint Authentication to the OS, bringing an end to third-party OEM solutions. (more…)

Sprint’s LG G4 Arrives June 5, Confirms Free Goodie Package of SD Card and More

A week ago, we told you to expect a sweet little bundle of goodies should you decide to buy an LG G4. That bundle, according to our exclusive report, would include a free 32GB microSD card, extra 3,000mAh battery, and battery charging cradle. This morning, Sprint confirmed the bundle, while also announcing that their variant of the G4 would be available June 5.  (more…)

Waiting on Your Project Fi Invite? You May be Waiting Until Mid-Summer

If you were one of the first to send a request for an invitation to Project Fi, Google’s MVNO wireless service, and still have yet to be approved, your wait may be a tad bit longer than you had initially hoped.

In an update email sent out to everyone who wants to be a part of Project Fi, Google states that they have received a high number of requests, but need to assure folks will be met with a positive experience. Due to Google’s high standards, it may not be until “mid-summer” that everyone receives an invite.  (more…)