Saygus V2 Pre-Registration Opens , Get a Discount on the Phone That Tries to Tick Every Box

The Saygus V2 is a phone we haven’t talked about much here at Droid Life, but it’s clear from our inbox that many of you are interested. And you know what? I get why you would be interested – this phone tries to pack it all (seriously, all of it) in at a reasonable price. So because we don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity to be one of the first to own it (and with a discount), we wanted to point out that pre-registration for the device is now open until February 2.  (more…)

Chromecast Was #1 Streaming Device in US in 2014, Cast Button Pressed 1 Billion Times Since Launch

During Google’s Q4 earnings call, the focus was shifted momentarily to the success of Chromecast. Google’s HDMI dongle, which has been on the market for a solid year and a half now, is still bringing in dough.

According to analyst group NPD, Chromecast was the top selling streaming device throughout the US in the year of 2014, with users casting more than 1 billion times since its launch.  (more…)

Series 5 Android Collectibles Start to Arrive in Stores, Available Next Week

In a post today to reveal another member of the Series 5 Android collectibles set, Dead Zebra announced that the new box is finally arriving at “respective destinations” and should be available at specialty retailers within a week or two. Also, if you want to buy the set directly from DZ, they should have their own up in the Dead Zebra shop next week.

The official launch details will be announced soon, but next week is next week. Collectors, get your Bitcoin cash ready.  (more…)

Google: We Couldn’t Keep Up With Demand for the Nexus 6

During Google’s investor relations call that took place this afternoon to address their Q4 earnings numbers, CFO Patrick Pichette took a minute to talk about an area of interest to us that they failed to meet demand in – the Nexus 6. Pichette mentioned that while the phone was very well received as a new phone (he actually called it the “Nexus 7″), they had “real issues” and were “unable to secure sufficient inventory” of it to meet demand.  (more…)

Spigen Says This is What the Samsung Galaxy S6 Looks Like

Samsung has become one of the best at keeping its phone designs a secret up until they take the wraps off of them at an official unveiling. They are without a doubt better at it than HTC and Apple. Over the last couple of years, designs for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series have floated about before the phones are announced, but few have been credible. So what do we make of the Galaxy S6 cases that popular casemaker, Spigen, has posted to its Amazon sales pages? Well, they have been right in the past when it comes to giving us hints and silhouettes of yet-to-be-announced phones. Are they right again?  (more…)