Report: Google to Introduce New “Internet of Things” Software at I/O to Take Over Your Home

Next week, Google will debut a new software at next week’s Google I/O that the search giant hopes will eventually take over your home, according to a report out of The Information. The Internet of Things (IoT), as we call it, is a smart world around us where everything is connected, from appliances to sprinklers to security systems to your bed. Developing a platform for developers to easily get into IoT is Google’s next big move.  (more…)

Still Not Surprised: Saygus has Once Again Delayed the “World’s Most Advanced Smartphone”

The Saygus V2 has been delayed once again. You still shouldn’t be surprised by this. We have been telling you to expect this over and over agin. In fact, we asked you when pre-orders opened if you wanted to bet on whether or not this thing would ship in the 6-8 week timeframe that was originally given. No one should have taken that bet, because it was a sucker bet. A company like this (newish, inexperienced, and who is clearly overpromising to excite a small customer base), who is attempting to take a barely working phone to polished retail unit that’s delivered to the masses in two or three months, is setting itself up for failure. Hell, even large companies who actually know what they are doing would struggle with that tight of a window.

So yeah, after missing their March shipping date, then emphatically declaring that May 22 would be the official shipping date, Saygus is once again delaying the release of a phone they continue to call the “world’s most advanced smartphone.” This time, they don’t even have an estimate as to when this little guy will begin to ship. I guess they learned after missing two shipping dates that you should stop with the promises.  (more…)

Deal: Buy Galaxy S6 From T-Mobile This Weekend, Get Free Upgrade to 64GB

T-Mobile customers, don’t buy a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge for the next couple of days! Starting May 23, T-Mobile is hosting a Memorial Day weekend sale that will get you into a Galaxy S6 or Edge with 64GB of storage for the same price as the 32GB model ($80 savings). Again, that’s two days away, so resist the urge to buy the best Android phone on the planet until this weekend.

The deal runs from Saturday, May 23, through Monday, May 25.

Have you read our Galaxy S6 review? Do it now.  (more…)

LG G4: 25+ Tips and Tricks

We still don’t have an official launch date for the LG G4 here in the States, but that won’t stop us from continuing to talk about it, and the features it brings to buyers. Because of this, once your shiny new toy finally arrives on your porch, you should be able to open the box up, and know everything you need to know.

In case you missed our complete G4 review, be sure to check that out, but we also now have a 25+ Tips and Tricks video for you to consume. This video goes over software features on the device, what you can do to customize the phone, and so much more. LG baked a ton of little tweaks into the G4, so if you were planning to pick one up, definitely give it a watch.  (more…)

Google Just Introduced $40 Special Edition Skrillex Cases as Part of New “Editions” Case Program, Confirms World is Doomed by Naming One “Bae”

Google, randomly, just introduced a new program called “Editions” to the Google Store that is a series of creative collaborations with influencers. The collaborations are turning out special cases, like this first one which was made in partnership with Skrillex, king of the wub.  (more…)