It Takes a Long Time for LG to Make the G4’s Leather Backs

On April 28, the world will be officially introduced to the G4 from LG. Even though we are seeing the device and almost all of its features thanks to LG and a set of promos they are running for various features of the device, we still have yet to see the G4 as a whole. By this, I mean LG has not yet released a video or teaser that shows off the phone as a complete package, and instead, they are opting to show off individual features and highlights one by one.

In a blog post, that is written in Korean, LG is following their own trend, diving deeper into detail about the leather used on certain models of the upcoming G4.  (more…)

Verizon Revamps Data Plans Again – Brings Back 10GB $80 and 15GB $100 Options, Kills Others

Back in February, Verizon did a big re-shuffling of its More Everything data plans that included the introduction of a bunch of new tiers, $10 discounts on many, and slight increases on a few. This morning, they did another big shuffling that wiped out many of those new plans, brought back others, and kept the $10 discounts. Let’s talk about what’s new, gone, and what stayed the same.  (more…)

Video: Galaxy S6 Goes 3rd Person Describing Its “Hot” Dual Edges in These Commercials

To say that Samsung’s promotional videos for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have been “wild” is probably a bit of an understatement. From unboxings that lead into parkour outings or helicopter escapes from the bad guys, Samsung is kind of all over the place. That’s not to say that these commercials are bad, they are just different. Different is usually OK, right? Anything but a ticking digital crown set to a drum beat. Please.

Anyways, here are a bunch of semi-funny, kind of awkward, “What Comes Next?” commercials from Samsung that give the phone a voice, turn it into some sort of real object, and then let it talk in the 3rd person to describe itself.  (more…)

Twitter Intros ‘Highlights’ for Android, Delivers the Best Tweets Via Push Notification

Today, Twitter introduced a new feature for Android users called Highlights. With this enabled, users will be given a deep, yet brief look into the big things happening on Twitter. For example, if there is a big sporting event going on that everyone seems to be talking about, or a really cool TV show going on, Twitter will recognize this and then recommend the conversations to you via a simple push notification.  (more…)