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Nest E

DEAL: Get a Nest Thermostat E for Only $109, Save $60

Woot! is offering new Nest Thermostat E units for just $109.99, down from their usual price of $169.99. That's $60 off on a brand new Nest smart thermostat. If you're unfamiliar with the Thermostat E, it's the less expensive model in Nest's lineup of smart...
pixel 3 wishlist rumors

Pixel 3 Wishlist: Give Me These Goodies, Google

Since the Pixel 2 XL is my iPhone, it makes sense that the phone I'm most looking forward to in 2018 is the Pixel 3, assuming that's what Google calls it. It's not that I think the OnePlus 6 will be bad or the next Essential Phone will still have touch screen...
Vivo XL3 from BLU

BLU Vivo XL3 Seems Like a No-Brainer at $129

Recently released for sale through Amazon, the Vivo XL3 from BLU could be a no-brainer for those who appreciate the less expensive alternatives to Android flagship devices. Priced at $129, the Vivo XL3 features a few things you hear about on top-tier...