Google to Answer Your Search Inquiries Directly in Search Suggestions

In either a full blown app update or simple server-side change, the Google app is reported to become a bit more helpful and quicker in delivering the answers you are looking for.

Before the update, when you attempt a search such as “How old is Barack Obama?,” you need to hit Enter to complete the search in order to view the answer. Thanks to the update, your answer will appear directly below in the Search Suggestions, with no need to continue to the results page.  (more…)

LG G4 Now Available Online From T-Mobile

T-Mobile told us to expect the LG G4 today and they delivered. You can now purchase the LG G4 from the Uncarrier for $0 with equal monthly payments of $24.99 per month. In case you don’t have a calculator handy, that means you will pay $599.76 over that 24-month period.

Don’t forget that T-Mobile is tossing in a free 128GB microSD card, though supplies are limited. Also, T-Mobile has an exclusive on the brown leather version and they haven’t even upped the price on it over the standard grey plastic model. That seems like a deal in and of itself, especially since you could swap it out if you decide you don’t like it or it doesn’t hold up to the elements.

Be sure to read our LG G4 review if you haven’t already.

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Big Update Coming Soon to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Includes Player Skins and Fishing

An update is set to roll out soon to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone owners who play Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Inside the update, the good folks at Mojang are bringing Player Skins, allowing players to customize their appearance inside of the app. Users can upload their very own skins for free, or can purchase bundles of skins for a small price.  (more…)

Deal: Innori 15000mAh Battery Pack for $30, 50% Off Original Price

Priced at 50% off of its original suggested retail price, folks can pick up an Innori 15,000mAh Battery Pack for just $30 on the DL Deals Store. With the Innori pack, users can charge their smartphone at least 5 times on a single charge, or charge two devices simultaneously thanks to the dual USB port.  (more…)

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Report: “Bullhead” and “Angler” are Your New Nexus Devices Made by LG and Huawei

The Nexus 6 and its whale self isn’t all that old, but it’s time to start talking about what’s next for the Nexus program. According to the crew over at Android Police, along with additional information to back up part of their claims in AOSP, we should expect two Nexus phones this year, one made by LG and another by Huawei. Yes, two phones!  (more…)