Blackberry “Mercury” Goes Official as the KEYone for the Physical Keyboard Lovers

In a couple of hours (10AM Pacific), Blackberry Mobile will make their new phone, the KEYone, official at Mobile World Congress. You may remember this phone from CES as the “Mercury,” the throwback-style keyboarded Blackberry that also runs Android.

The phone, with its entire specs list and feature set, was posted to Blackberry Mobile’s site hours ago, which was hours before the phone was actually announced. Because of that, well, we have all of the details for you now.  (more…)

DROID Turbo 2 Gets Its Android Nougat Update

After a few days worth of soak tests, Verizon and Motorola started pushing the update to Android Nougat to the DROID Turbo 2. The update is arriving as software version 25.11.10.

The update sure appears to be live for just about everyone, as our inbox filled up nicely yesterday afternoon with emails from excited Turbo 2 owners. To check, head into Settings>About>System updates.  (more…)