Verizon Pre-Orders for the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 Start at 3AM ET

Just a quick heads-up, but if you were planning to pre-order the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, or HTC One M9 from Verizon tomorrow (April 1), know that the listings will go live at 3AM ET (12:00AM PDT). In other words, east coasters, you won’t be able to buy these phones right at midnight, you will instead have to wait a couple of hours. As for you west coasters, well, you do get to click “buy” at midnight. (more…)

Video: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6

Since we reviewed the iPhone 6 last year, we still have the little guy around the office. That may seem like an odd thing, knowing that we are an Android-focused site, but as it turns out, it’s actually a pretty good thing now that we have the Samsung Galaxy S6 in house. As many of you know, during our review process, we try and compare new flagships to current flagships of the moment to get a sense for our feeling with each in hand, talk about the specs of each, and generally, weigh in on the little things we prefer from one to the next. With both iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 available, this gives us a chance to compare the current smartphone king, to what may become the new smartphone king.  (more…)

Google Intros Affordable Lineup of Chromebooks, Unveils the Chromebit HDMI Dongle

This morning, Google took to the Chrome Blog to introduce a new, affordable lineup of Chrome OS products. To kick it off, the company announced the Haier Chromebook 11 and Hisense Chromebook, both priced at just $150. They are also now available for pre-order from Amazon and Walmart.

More interestingly, the company also introduced an ASUS-made Chromebit device, which plugs directly into a computer monitor via HDMI. Inside the “smaller than a candy bar” body is a full computer, bringing the power of Chrome OS to any monitor you have in front of you.  (more…)

So, We Fast Charged the Samsung Galaxy S6 and This is What Happened

One of the best features that few will give proper praise to with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is Fast Charging. It’s like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, which you know we love. The basics are this – you plug-in your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge when their batteries are extremely depleted and watch as they quickly charge to a reasonable amount in a short amount of time. Samsung states that you can get four hours of use in just 10 minutes. Awesome, right?  (more…)