Video: Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Over the “Regular” Galaxy S6

To me, the Galaxy S6 Edge represents a risk Samsung was willing to take when it comes to design. It’s something different. And even though it is different, it’s not completely unorthodox when I really think about it, and at times, is quite nice to have. I have been asked what viewing content is like on the rounded display, and to the shock of a few, I actually really enjoy it. While the Galaxy S6 Edge does not feature as much “usefulness” as say, the Note Edge does, it still offers a few things that regular Galaxy S6 owners don’t have access to.

In the video below, I go over the differences that make up the two, but be aware right now, it’s not all that much. Samsung does not include a ton of options or features for the rounded display, but of the few that are included, I could see them being somewhat beneficial at some point or another to someone out there.  (more…)

Quick Look: OnePlus One’s OxygenOS Update

Over the weekend, OnePlus released their custom Android skin, also known as OxygenOS, to the OnePlus One as an “update” just a week after it was originally supposed to debut. I’m putting “update” in quotes there because well, it’s not really an update. This is a custom ROM that requires a full factory reset and a custom recovery in order to get onto your phone. This isn’t delivered over-the-air (OTA) – instead it requires you to be familiar with adb commands, fastboot, unlocking a bootloader, and more. It’s a load of fun!  (more…)

Ugh, Samsung Issues Galaxy S6 Edge #Bendgate Response and Challenge

On Friday, phone insurance peddler, SquareTrade, attempted to create a “bendgate” scenario for the Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung’s shiny new curved phone, and grab all the headlines in the world. They succeed by posting a video to YouTube of the phone cracking under pretty intense pressure that no human could ever re-create with their own hands (or butt), and then spammed out a press release saying the phone was just as bendable as the iPhone 6 Plus, which was the original “bendgate” target. We clowned the “news” via Twitter, because it’s not actual news. It’s a video from a phone insurance peddler trying to grab headlines and scare you into buying their phone insurance or warranties.

Clearly, the tactic worked because almost every mobile phone or tech related site outside of us, took the bait and posted the video with varying levels of clickbaity titles. It got worse this morning when Samsung responded with an official statement, a video of their own tests, and a request for SquareTrade to publicly post new results after re-doing their tests on both sides of the phone. Ugh. Why, Samsung?  (more…)

Here is a Preview of the LG G4’s New UX 4.0

On last week’s episode of the DL Show, we told you to get ready for a steady stream of feature teases from LG for their upcoming G4 handset. Earlier in the week, LG announced details for the device’s new 5.5-inch QHD LCD display, which we assumed was only the first of many announcements to come. You see, LG (and Samsung too) likes to slowly tease select features that will be included in their new phones in the weeks leading up to an unveiling, many of which end up painting a picture of the phone in detail before it becomes official.

Last night, they continued that trend by by releasing a video of LG’s new UX 4.0, the 4th version of their custom Android skin that will be featured in the G4.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 81

The DL Show episode 81 is here to take you into the weekend as the most informed Galaxy S6/S6 Edge or HTC One M9 enthusiast on the planet. That’s right, we have all three devices in house, have unboxed them, taken them for tours, compared them to other phones, provided all sorts of tips and tricks for each, and have lived with them for days. Since we have done all of that, it’s time to get on the air and talk about each as we prepare for final reviews, to give you a sense for what we like and don’t like. This show will be completely dedicated to the flagships of the moment. That’s fine with you, right?

At 3:00PM Pacific (6:00PM Eastern), won’t you please join us? 

If you miss us live, feel free to subscribe to us by following one of the links below.    (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6: 25+ Tips and Tricks

Unless you ordered from T-Mobile, you more than likely are still waiting for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge pre-orders to arrive. While that news may be frustrating to deal with, the good news is that we can prepare you for April 10, the day that most orders will finally show up on doorsteps, so that the minute you open the box, you will know everything about your shiny new toy.

We already unboxed the Galaxy S6 (S6 Edge too), and compared it to the iPhone 6 and HTC One M9, but now we want to focus our efforts on actually using the phone. As we have done in the past with other flagships, we went ahead and assembled 25 or so tips and tricks for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge that should help you get the most out of Samsung’s best phones to date.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Unboxing

While Kellen is handling the full review for the Samsung Galaxy S6, I will be conducting the Galaxy S6 Edge review, and I have to say, I am very happy to have this phone in my hands.

After seeing countless other opinions on it from various sites across the web, it seems that many of my fellow tech bloggers find the S6 Edge’s display to simply be a gimmick. While I think gimmick is the wrong word to use, I find the phone to be rather attractive, so I will be dedicating the next week of my life to testing it completely.

And the only correct way to start this process is to make an unboxing video.  (more…)