iPhone 6 First Impressions – Yes, Really.

For years, we have debated whether or not we should do an iPhone review of some sort. And for years, we always decided against it for one reason or another. But this year, with iOS 8 reinventing all of our favorite Android features, along with a reinvention of the big phone (“bigger than bigger,” people) through the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, we thought that it was finally time. So yes, we have an iPhone 6 and we are going to review it.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is Headed to AT&T in Three Colors for $199

This morning, AT&T posted a new video to their YouTube channel, introducing the Samsung Galaxy Alpha into their lineup of smartphones. The odd thing is, the video is sort of out there by itself without a formal announcement with pricing or availability details. It’s tough to tell if the video was supposed to have been made public or not, but either way, we caught it and should see official details before long.  (more…)

Samsung Pokes at Apple’s Failed Live Stream, Welcomes Them to the Big Phone Bandwagon

Last night, during our recording of the DL Show episode 68, Samsung unleashed six new ads, which of course, were centered around Apple’s recent announcements. The ads aren’t all great, but the first two below are actually silly enough to watch, just to see Samsung poke at Apple for their failed live stream of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus event and remind them that large phones have been around for two years.

The commercials all star faux Apple Geniuses that are borderline hipster. They encounter issues throughout with their Apple products, issues that they wouldn’t have if they were using a Galaxy Note 4. At least that’s the theme here.

I think the best part about these ads, is seeing the Apple apologist media tell the world how terrible they are, even if they are spot on.  (more…)

Neptune Pine Unboxing and Hands-on

If you happen to follow DL or myself on Twitter, then you might have seen this post coming. After more than a year, Neptune’s vision for a smartwatch, the Neptune Pine, is finally in our possession.

After receiving a healthy amount of funding on Kickstarter, the Pine is now rolling out to backers all across the country, and we have been fortunate enough to score one for review purposes.  (more…)

Video: New Moto X (2nd Gen) vs. Old Moto X

Owners of the 1st generation Moto X are probably all asking themselves today, “Should I upgrade to the new Moto X?” That’s a great question, one that we hope to have an answer for within the next week or so as we put together a full review. Until then, all we can do to help you get to a solution is continue to fill up your day with new Moto X coverage.

The phone (our unboxing) isn’t launching on US carriers for a few more weeks (closer to the end of September), so thankfully, you have plenty of time to figure this out.  (more…)

New Moto X (2014) Unboxing and Hands-on

Today, well, is kind of a crazy day if you are a Motorola fan. Not only did we get a brand new Moto X (specs) and official details on the Moto 360, but we also got a new Moto G, news of a sweet Bluetooth ear piece, and a bunch of other accessories. We have separate posts for all of that goodness, which you should definitely dig through, but for now, we are focused on showing you what to expect with the new Moto X.

We have a leather back. We have a full HD display. We have a current-gen, bad boy processor. We have an upgraded 13MP camera. We have a premium metal frame. We still have Moto Maker. Motorola didn’t hold back at all with the new Moto X. This new version of last year’s phone of the year, is as good on paper as any other flagship, only it costs about $100 less.

Ready to see what you are getting?  (more…)

Moto 360 Unboxing and Hands-on Tour

Can you believe it? The Moto 360 is now available for sale (or will be later today) through Motorola’s site, Google Play, and Best Buy for $249.

It feels like we have been waiting forever for this to arrive (we sort of have been), but now that one is officially in house, it’s time to put it to work. We have the all-black version on-hand, so we gave it a quick unboxing and then overview/software tour. We wanted to show you how Android Wear looks and works on a circular device, what you get in the box (spoiler:  a wireless charger!), and some of the special features for the 360, like its heart rate monitoring.

Ready for some 360 action?  (more…)