CM7 Pre-Alpha Available for the HTC Thunderbolt, Time to Ditch Sense for Stock

If Sense 2.0 on the HTC Thunderbolt is not your cup of Android tea, then prepare yourselves for stock goodness with CyanogenMod 7.  A pre-alpha build started to make the rounds over the weekend and while it has a handful of expected issues, most brave testers are enjoying the heck out of it.  Again, this is pre-alpha, but it’s looking like we’ll be adding the Tbolt to the list of CM devices that we throw coverage at.

Who’s been testing it already?  Would love to hear your thoughts.   (more…)

New RUU Leaks for HTC Thunderbolt – Fixes GPS, Audio Recording and LTE Hand-off (Updated)

Mr. JCase whom you may know from Team AndIRC, dropped a new RUU for the HTC Thunderbolt this morning, one that is potentially an OTA update which could be here any day.  He’s tweaked it just enough so that you will keep root if you flash this, but know that you will indeed lose all of your apps and other user data.  This definitely wipes everything.  Luckily, we all should be using the mighty Titanium Backup at this point, so wiping isn’t a worry.

So what does this new update fix?  Some things that have troubled many of you:

  • GPS Location Services
  • LTE/3G Transitions
  • Audio Recording
  • Video Playback
  • Proximity Sensor drain
  • SQLite API

Update:  The full RUU for non-rooted users is on the way…stay tuned.

Update 2:  Non-rooted users:  Full RUU download for non-rooted users.  Download Link

Rooted users:  Download Link (MD5SUM:  53e78863b7cc829261b4c6e1b984c200)

*Rename to, drop it on SD card, flash in HBOOT.

Full support can be found at this XDA thread.  Full RUU thread.

With Kernel Source Released, HTC Thunderbolt Clocked to 1.8GHz Pushing 3000+ Benchmarks

HTC released the kernel source to the Thunderbolt late last night and already, we’re seeing developers take a crack at overclocking the device.  Early reports had a 1.5GHz overclock in the wild, but on a 1.8GHz overclock created by @drod2169, our buddies @TheRealBeesley and @JsinLegacy dropped 2772 and 3047 Quadrant Benchmarks on us.  It’s about to get nutty around here.

Via:  Twitter

Cheers Wade!

HTC Thunderbolt Kernel Source Released, Time To Get Your Real ROM on

Something big happened late last night, the kernel source for the HTC Thunderbolt was released.  What exactly does that mean?  Well, for 1, that developers can start to create real ROMs for the device that will more than likely function a hell of a lot better than your stock one would.  This is a huge step towards the Thunderbolt reaching its full potential with a better battery life.

Download the kernel source from HTC’s site.

Cheers 0mie and MrBob!

Another One Click Root Method Available for HTC Thunderbolt

It was only a matter of time. There’s something about being able to buy a phone then immediately being able to root and customize it. But isn’t that why we are all here in the first place? The constant assault of developers working hard to make this thee most desired phone in the community, now has a route for people who are easily intimidated by long and complex instructions. We have published a few ways of already rooting the device here and here, but if you ran into issues with those, this is another for you to try.  


HTC Thunderbolt Easy Root Released

Couldn’t handle the manual root instructions for the HTC Thunderbolt?  XDA member dbzfanatic has you covered, although we’re not sure that’s a good thing.  Some times people need to learn to do things the hard way, but for those that don’t have time, here is your easyroot method.  (Windows-only)  I still highly recommend that you read through the full root instructions to get an idea as to what is really happening to your phone during this process.  And don’t forget, we posted up a video of the entire thing just yesterday.

*DISCLAIMER: Team AndIRC is not affiliated with this program and by using it you agree that neither AndIRC, dbzfanatic nor Droid Life is responsible for any damages caused by this program.

Download:  New Download at XDA Thread

I’m downloading the file now, have not used it or seen it in action yet, but it should work.  As we find out more about this tool, we’ll be sure to share.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Carlos and Matt!

Video: Rooting the HTC Thunderbolt


If you were a little frightened by the rooting instructions for the HTC Thunderbolt, then maybe this video that was just sent in from @nate3mil will help.  He took the instructions that were posted up from a few days ago, went through the process 2 times, captured the entire thing on video, and has now shared it with all of you.   (more…)

How to: Root the HTC Thunderbolt and Unlock the Bootloader


The amazing hackers in the Android community took on the HTC Thunderbolt the minute it was released and stumbled upon some not-so-exciting news.  It had been completely locked down like no other HTC device in history.  While many were quick to yell at HTC, I’m pointing fingers at Verizon and will save further comment for another time.  The good news is, Team AndIRC and Scotty2 weren’t about to be stopped and permanently rooted it while also unlocking the bootloader and providing S-OFF.

So who’s ready for some TBolt unlocking?  Before you say yes, you need to be thoroughly warned.  This requires adb, a mega-list of commands and is one of the most intense rooting procedures I’ve seen in a long time.  You are essentially, flashing old system software, unlocking the bootloader, and then re-flashing the release software with S-OFF to open your phone up.  Again, this is intense and should only be attempted by those familiar with adb.   (more…)