HTC Releases Kernel Source for the Rezound’s ICS Build 3.14.605.12

Good news, HTC Rezound owners. The kernel source for the latest Ice Cream Sandwich update, build 3.14.605.12, the one you received on your devices at the end of July, has been released! This certainly should help in development going forward. For those that aren’t developers, well, this probably doesn’t matter much to you until a developer does something with it.

Via:  HTCdev

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Fully Deodexed GSM-based ROM Released for HTC Rezound, Goodbye Verizon

As we found back in January, the HTC Rezound’s sneaky global radios were exposed by a user over at XDA. Now, a fully functional GSM ROM has been released for all HTC Rezound owners that want to take a leap to a different carrier. It’s called the Venasaur, most likely because the developers are all about the ‘evolution’ of the device. The ROM comes with a ton of tweaks and hacks, other than just being able to use a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM on it.

Download links and instructions are available if you follow the via link below. If this is the step you have thought about taking, do be careful while performing these advanced tasks.

Via: XDA 

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HTC Rezound Finally Receives S-OFF Via JuopunutBear Tool

After months and months of attempts, S-OFF has finally been achieved on the HTC Rezoundand a handful of other devices including the Amaze 4G through a new tool called JuopunutBear (someone say that 5 times fast). For those not familiar with S-OFF, just think of it as giving you the most access you can possibly have to an HTC phone. Sure, you can unlock the bootloader using HTC’s dev tool, but the device is still semi-protected even in that state as it is still S-ON. If a phone has toggled S-OFF (which stands for “security off”), you are opening it up to even more hacker-friendly fun. There are more risks involved, but we never took the DL community as one to shy aware for a little danger.

The team that released the tool is called Umlimited.IO. After looking at their instructions, I think you will understand why this took so long to complete. It involves wiping an SD card and some form of a wire and pin trick (pictured above). It will get you S-OFF if done correctly though, so hit up either of the source links below and take your time. Be sure to report back with any issues. This is one of those processes that will only get better as users share their experiences.

Via: | XDA

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New Custom Sense 4.0 ROM Released for the HTC Rezound, Only Bluetooth Missing

HTC Rezound owners, more custom ROMs are on the horizon for you. This newest Sense 4.0 ROM is almost completely in working order after two months of stressful work by developer, newtoroot. It has a very short list of bugs, most notably being the lack of working Bluetooth. With full working 4G data, GPS and sound, this is the most complete 4.0 ROM we have seen so far.

For downloads and instructions on flashing this ROM, follow the via link below and read up on everything you will need. If you own an already rooted and unlocked ROM, your task is quite simple. For the rest of folks, let’s hope you know some adb commands.

Via: XDA

Which Custom ROM are You Running on Your HTC Rezound?

We recently had a reader email asking which custom ROMs were good for the HTC Rezound. Since all of us here at the DL offices are proud owners of the Galaxy Nexus, we want to help those with Rezounds out who are looking for a good custom ROM. So help us out, Rezound owners. Which custom ROM do you swear by? Something with no Sense UI? Something with as many customizable features as possible? List them out below and let folks weigh their options.

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HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Build Leaked, Now Available for Download

As owners of the HTC Rezound await an update to Ice Cream Sandwich, some sneaky person has leaked the official update build onto the web for everyone’s pleasure. The operation to update your device is extremely simple, but may take some time depending on your Internet connection due to the fact that the file is a humongous 640MB. If you feel like tasting some sweet ICS on your Rezound before it is released to the masses, then follow the instructions down below to ensure a proper installation.  (more…)

Installing Custom Recoveries and Applying PermRoot to HTC Rezound Made “Noob-Proof” Thanks to Developer

We can think of a few reasons why owners of Android devices wouldn’t want to flash ROMs and kernels to their phones. Mainly, the big one is that they simply don’t want to screw anything up. We can’t blame them – it may seem straightforward as just reading a few directions, but for others, it might as well be a different language. Thanks to developer Hasoon2000 over XDA, HTC Rezound owners no longer have to fear adb lingo, kernel talk, or installing custom recoveries.

After installing some software on your PC, you can easily access all of the options you see in the above image. If you are a Rezound owner and feel like looking into this option, then head on over to the XDA thread where you can find downloads and instructions.

Via: Android Soul, XDA

Custom ROM Friday: Builds For Galaxy Nexus, DROID 3, And HTC Rezound

After last week’s return of Custom ROM Friday, we could see that folks sure did miss it. So this week, we bring you a few ROMs that should tie you over until next week. First up, we have GummyNex 0.7.0 by developer Kejar31 and Syaoran12. If you have been flashing ROMs on the Galaxy Nexus, then we are sure you have come across this name at least a few times. It brings the speed, customizations, and stability that people look for in daily drivers.  (more…)