Lucky Motorola RAZR Owner Notices That His Bootloader is Unlocked, Devs Get to Work on It (Updated)

A fortunate owner of a Motorola RAZR (not the the DROID version) jumped into fastboot to find that his device’s bootloader was showing as being “unlocked.” He claims that he has not unlocked the phone himself and would also not offer many other details as to how his phone got this way.

From what we have read, he has already sent off the bootloader to devs to see if it can be used to unlock other devices. By no means does this mean that we will all have unlocked bootloaders on the U.S. DROID RAZR, however, it is at least worth looking into. We will likely know more within the next few days. Try not to get your hopes up too high just yet, but feel free to cross a couple of fingers and that something good can come out of this.

Update:  It looks like devs have already done quite a bit of work on this and came up empty. You can read more here. (Via @LeviSnuts)

Via:  XDA

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DROID RAZR Fastboot 6.11.744 Files Released

DROID RAZR developers have been in need of a break to really get their ROM and development community kicked off. That time may be here thanks to infamous Moto file leaker daywalker04 over at XDA who just released the 6.11.744 fastboot files.

To my knowledge, these files are similar to what we had in the SBF days of old and should act as a safety blanket of sorts in case you soft brick your RAZR. By flashing these in RSD Lite, you should be able to recover your phone for the time being.

Jump on these now before they disappear into the abyss.

Via:  XDA, DroidRzr

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DROID RAZR Receives ClockworkMod Recovery Via Bootstrap

While I’m not interested in getting into the dev drama that appears to have surrounded this situation, I did want to point out that there has been a bootstrap app for the DROID RAZR since November, but for whatever reason, slipped through the cracks and almost no one saw it (maybe because most of you were renting it?). XDA member nitroglycerine33 created the fully working app that will flash ClockworkMod Recovery onto your device. Backups and restores appear to be fully working, so if rooting and then tweaking and potentially flashing ROMs is in your RAZR future, you will want to jump on this.

I should point out though, that to my knowledge, there is not any form of system file that will save you should your run into soft-bricking types of issues. So if you proceed, understand the risks involved here.

Via:  XDA, Phandroid

Own a DROID RAZR But Want to Use Swype Beta Instead of the Pre-loaded Version? Try These Instructions

The partnerships that Swype has formed with a variety of phone manufacturers has likely done wonders for the growth of their company. Swype is essentially a household name in the Android game, and a lot of that has to do with it coming pre-loaded on all sorts of phones. But one of the frustrating things as a consumer, is watching their beta product continue to receive updates and improvements on a regular basis while the pre-loaded versions on some phones go without them.

The DROID RAZR is a good example. While it may have a spicy black version that no other phone has, it may never see the new Dragon Dictation and advanced language modeling that were introduced this week with the beta. There could be an OS update to the RAZR from Motorola that will include these features, but that could be months out. And since the keyboard is installed as a System app, you cannot remove it or replace it with the beta. So you are stuck with the custom OEM version of Swype while the rest of the Android crew gets to test out new features in the beta. Frustrating, right?

Well, thanks to a member over at XDA, you can get the beta up and running on your phone after following a few simple, yet specific instructions. We do recommend that you only attempt this if you understand the risks involved and are OK with them. And by that, I mean that you could soft brick your phone without many (or any) options to get you back up and running.  (more…)

DROID RAZR Update Rolling Out Now


Our inbox just blew up with word that the expected update for the DROID RAZR is rolling out to everyone right now. And we aren’t talking “soak test” members, this is everyone folks. I just booted up my personal RAZR and sure enough, there was the 6.11.748 update in the flesh.

To pull it yourself, head into Settings>About phone>System updates.

*Note – The update does break root, will try to re-root in a few minutes.

*Note 2 – Root easily regained with DoomLord’s V3 root package (pictured top right). [Thread]

As you can see, the update is a sizable 57MB, so make sure you have plenty of battery before trying to load this up. After updating, you should have an improved camera, better menu access in a variety of apps, improved 3G/4G connectivity and more. Full changelog below.   (more…)

Video: Ice Cream Sandwich Boots Up on the DROID RAZR

YouTube Preview Image

Motorola phones on Verizon may be locked up forever, but that hasn’t stopped the dev community from continuing on in their quest to produce ROMs for all of them. We saw pre-alpha ICS ports for both the DROID 3 and Bionic already that made many of you smile. Today, the DROID RAZR joins in on the fun. While this particular Android 4.0 ROM isn’t available publicly yet as it needs a lot of work still, you can bet that droidth3ory is puttin’ in the time to get it there.

Via:  DroidRzr

How to: Root the Motorola DROID RAZR


We were told a week ago that the old root method for all of Motorola’s phones would work on the new DROID RAZR – that ends up not being true on the final retail version. No worries though, as a new exploit has already surfaced in a 1-click Windows package. I just ran it myself and can confirm that it most definitely roots your phone in just a couple of simple clicks. No adb required, just a computer running some form of Windows.  (more…)

DROID RAZR Rooted. (Updated)

The 1-click root tool for the current crop of Motorola devices that many of you have used, seems to work just fine on the DROID RAZR too. How can we tell from the picture above? From that sneaky little # symbol after our source typed in “su” in terminal emulator. Check it off the pre-launch phone checklist.

Update:  This method does not appear to work on the recently released retail version. Another one is in the works, we will hopefully be able to post it shortly.

Update 2:  New root method released! Get it here.

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