Motorola RAZR GSM Bootloader Bypass Discovered, Could Work on LTE RAZR

In the never ending battle with bootloaders of Motorola devices, developer kholk thinks he may have found a way to bypass that of the GSM RAZR and maybe even the LTE DROID RAZR here in the States. He is said to be using the kexec method that was last used on the original DROID X, but so far other details have not been made public. Over the last couple of weeks, he has popped into this XDA thread to give a status report on his findings. As of Sunday, he seems convinced that his method works on the GSM and LTE RAZRs, but so far, only 1-core of the dual-core OMAP4430 is functioning. Once he can get the 2nd core fired up, he plans to make everything public.

From my understanding of kexec, this method won’t unlock the bootloader of the device, but it will allow you to flash a custom kernel. This would be a major happening in the land of the RAZR should kholk succeed. I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath on this one as someone seems to get “close” with each new Motorola release and then eventually gives up. Feel free to cross a couple of toes though.

Cheers Trevor!

Camera Finally Working in Bionic, RAZR and DROID 3 Ice Cream Sandwich ROMS

Owners of Motorola devices who might want to flash some vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich with no Blur attached now have additional options when looking to do so. There have been ICS ROMs available already, but there was a bug involved that hindered the camera from working properly in some of them. And for some, a non-working camera is a complete no-go.  (more…)

DROID RAZR 6.12.173 Fastboot Files Released

Fastboot files for the latest DROID Bionic build were released on Friday from daywalker04 which had us hoping that he would drop the new DROID RAZR 6.12.173 as well. He did just that. So for those of you interesting in rooting your RAZR, flashing ROMs, or hacking on it in general, you will want to grab this file before it is gone. This is your ticket back to safety should you soft-brick your device at some point.

Download Link

Via:  XDA

DROID Bionic and RAZR OTA Updates Can Be Rooted Using Latest DROID 4 Method

Accepted the latest OTA updates for the DROID Bionic and RAZR and have been frustrated with the lack of root access? According to a couple of readers who were willing to take the dive, you should be able to use the method that was released for the DROID 4 over the weekend by @djrbliss. This is for those of you that have yet to get accustomed to using OTA RootKeeper before accepting these updates, of course.

Download the Windows root tool here. If you want to donate to charity in the name of this root exploit, you can do that here.

Cheers Mark!

DROID RAZR Root Tool Released, Helps You Do Whatever You Want With Your RAZR

Root tools are all the rage these days. It lets the Android devs put together a package to help people root and modify their phone who otherwise may not be able to go through and do all the adb commands or coding. The latest that we have come across is a utility tool for the DROID RAZR. Released on XDA and only working on Windows for now, this tool allows you to do almost anything you can think of with your RAZR.

Restoring a stock system image, installing the rootkepper app, and even rooting can all be done through this nifty little script. Head on over to XDA and download it if you are interested. This only works on Windows so far so be warned, and please make a backup before you do anything to your precious phone.

Via: XDA

Newer DROID RAZR 6.12.174 Update Pulled and Available for Use, Fixes Search Key Force Close

Another leaked build has been released for the DROID RAZR. Do know, that after flashing this you will not be able to return to the official OTA and this might take you off the correct update path Motorola and Verizon has planned for consumers. You flash these at your own risk. In order to return back to stock, you will need to use RSD and fastboot. If you don’t know these terms, then we suggest going no further.  (more…)

DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Run Identical Software – ROMs and Updates Could Work With Both

During the filming of our RAZR MAXX unboxing, we noticed that the device appeared to be running the exact same version of Blur that was introduced to the original RAZR through the last OTA update. We found this odd as we have seen re-hashes of products in the past that while very similar, will still cary slightly different software versions. The problem with manufacturers doing that (and it could be for hardware reasons), is that they need to develop separate OTA updates for each specific device. And when they have to work on two different updates, that usually means it will take longer for end users to receive them.

Well what if that isn’t the case with the RAZR MAXX? By all accounts, the MAXX is identical on the hardware front to the RAZR aside from a bigger battery, and now that we can see that they run the same software, in theory they should be able to run each other’s ROMs and OTA updates.   (more…)

Mostly Working DROID RAZR Stock Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Released

A developer booted up Ice Cream Sandwich on the DROID RAZR a few weeks back, but last night, an almost fully-working ROM was released. Technically still in “alpha,” this ROM has working 3G/4G, Google Apps (except Google Talk), touch screen, and phone. The list of non-working features includes the camera (no surprise there), adb and the downloading of apps from the Market. Those all seem like normal first release ROM issues to me that are almost always worked out over time.

Feel free to give it a shot. Oh, you need to make sure you are on .748 kernel though, not the new .173 leak.

To see the ROM in action, jump to the 7:00 mark in the video below. Instructions at the source.   (more…)