Finally, the Droid Life Incredible has been Rooted

The unrEVOked team has released a one click root/recovery tool for the Droid Incredible that makes the process pretty seamless.  Well, once you have proper drivers and other prep steps taken care of that is.  So while we had a few minutes today (sounds weird on the Droid X launch day right?) we decided to take the plunge and see what kind of trouble we could get into.  Process complete.  The Droid Life Incredible has been rooted.

We’re working to get you video and written instructions by tomorrow.  You are going to love this.

Android 2.2 on DROID Incredible is “Incredibly” Fast

Yes cheesy pun was needed.

So we’re expecting HTC’s SenseUI for Android 2.2 to be pumped out to their lineup of devices including the Droid Incredible by the end of 2010.  If that seems too far away and you don’t feel like you can wait it out, then the CyanogenMod team has you covered.  As most in the rooting crowd already know, CM6 is in the works and one of the new devices they have included support for is the Incredible.  Fortunately for our sake, one of our brave readers has breezed through the rooting process and flashed this newest CM6 to his DI.

Wait until you see his benchmarks…

Yep, that says 39.513 MFLOPs.  Numbers that high look familiar?  Oh yeah, that’s also stock Froyo meaning no more SenseUI.  Time to grab a pint and start rooting on this hot Friday night I guess.

If you’ve already rooted your DI, you can get the newest CM6 build in ROM Manager.  Good luck!

Cheers Kyle!

How to: Root and Unroot the Droid Incredible

Last week an official Incredible root exploit was discovered and presented in a way that scared the heck out of most of us.  And then this weekend happened.  Someone took on the task of creating a 10-minute DI rooting video which was followed up by an un-rooting version similar to the step-by-step tutorials we’ve done in the past.  While the method to gain root access still appears to be semi-painful and users are experiencing all sorts of issues with drivers, this is much easier to follow than those initial instructions were.  Plus, you’ve got to be excited about a method to un-root already right?

So here we go…full instructional videos plus the files you need to complete the task below.

Video action on rooting your Incredible: (Download this file first.)

Unrooting video after the jump!  (more…)

Droid Incredible has been Rooted!

Seriously!  The Droid Incredible has been rooted!  After all those fake postings, speculation and overall nastiness, there are actual instructions on how to root your keyboardless beast.  Should you try it?  If you are one brave soul.  It appears to be quite the difficult process and one that I’m even a little scared to try.  Good luck!

Full instructions here.

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

Droid Incredible has been Rooted?

Update: FAKE.  FAKE.  FAKE.  Links removed. Children on forums.  Read.

Memorial Day = party day for Droid Incredible owners.  In an attempt to revive, a couple of their users apparently took on the task of trying to root the DI and succeeded!  Yay!  They now have superuser access and even some custom kernels pumping in 1.3Ghz to this already beastly device.

No instructions have been released, but should be “soon.”

Cheers Joseph and Tim!