Unrevoked 3.22 Available for DROID Incredible

We brought you word that version 3.21 of Unrevoked was no longer working for Droid Incredible after the latest update and that they were working tirelessly to fix it.  Well the time has come and Incredible owners can now get back to doing what we were all meant to do with our Android phones, root them.  Verison 3.22 is live and ready for your amusement.

Download it from the Unrevoked website.  Changelog.

Cheers OrbitJM, Jason, Logan and Landon!

Unrevoked “A day or two” Away from Rooting DROID Incredible Again

The previous rooting method for the Droid Incredible seems to have been patched by the latest OTA update, but that hasn’t stopped the unrevoked team from jumping on it immediately.  Last night they let the world know that they are only a day or two away from bringing freedom to those that have a stock OTA’d DI.  Pretty quick turn around right?

Cheers OrbitJM!

New DROID Incredible Update Patches unrevoked Rooting Method

It looks like the the new OTA update for the Droid Incredible has patched the old root exploit that unrevoked 3.21 was taking advantage of.  What exactly does that mean?  For those holding out to root or for some reason had to swap out your old DI for a replacement, you are out of luck in the rooting department for the time being.  Give it a day or two though and I’m sure the unrevoked team will attack it and bring peace back to Earth.

Cheers Dave!

DROID Incredible OTA Update Available via ROM, VCAST App Store Included?

It looks like the OTA update that’s headed to the Droid Incredible next week has already been outed by rmk40, the creator of Virtuous, one of our favorite DI ROMs.  This was actually posted back on the 14th of October and you can see from the file list given that “system/app/VCast.apk” is included which we have to assume is the actual VCAST app store.

We’re diving in now to see what we can find!

To download the ROM and install it on your Incredible, head over to XDA Forums.

Cheers @IncredibleDoes!

Download: Swype or for DROID Incredible and EVO

A couple of semi-new versions of Swype are available to download for the Droid Incredible and don’t require an installer or an email address to get rolling on your phone.  Version 1.61 looks and acts just like what you’ll see on the Galaxy S lineup of phones and version 2.4.44 is the beta that many of you were unable to sign up for.  Grab whichever one you prefer after the jump! (more…)

HTC Desire HD ROM Ported to DROID Incredible, Quick Boot In Action

The HTC Desire HD which was announced by HTC last week, runs a new version of Sense that has some sort of quick booting process allowing the phone to basically boot back up in under 5 seconds after powering down.  It’s pretty remarkable actually and as of this week, you can enjoy that speed on your Droid Incredible plus some additional devices.  That’s right, someone has already pulled the ROM from the Desire HD and ported it to a variety of handsets.  There are a few bugs in it which will surely be ironed out over the next few days, but you should give it a try right now to at least see quick boot in action.  Or just watch our video below!   (more…)

Unrevoked 3.21 Returns, Let’s Root Some DROID Incredibles

Unrevoked 3.2 returns as version 3.21, has undergone some major testing and is ready for your use in dropping the rooting hammer on your Droid Incredible.  After what appeared to be a few hiccups when used on a few devices, the team that has been dominating HTC products for months now seems to have smoothed it all out.

So who’s ready?  An entire Incredible rooting guide has been setup at our forums to help you out.  Unrevoked has also put together a nice FAQ plus the correct HBOOT drivers you’ll need to accomplish this task.

Download Unrevoked 3.21 here.

For anyone that’s rooted a DI, please drop your tips in the comments to help the newcomers out!

Download: Droid Life Splash Screen for DROID Incredible

One of the additional customizable pieces on the Droid Incredible is the “splash” screen which normally features a white and black HTC Incredible logo.  The screen can be changed into almost anything of your liking, but you have to have used unrevoked forever (s-off tool) in order to do it.  Once you’ve done that, it’s a simple file creation which one of my buddy’s has done below to create this custom Droid Life version.