Verizon Support Blames Samsung for Bootloader Lock – Workaround Potentially Found, Bounty Placed

The weekend has come and gone and yes, the bootloader on Verizon’s Galaxy S3 remains locked. We have root in a round about way, but as you have probably read across Android forums, this phone is going to take some time to crack. As of now, it’s essentially like one of Motorola’s many locked phones, only is a bit harder to swallow since Samsung had previously never locked a device down like this. Speaking of that, Verizon’s official support account was quick to put the blame on Samsung over the weekend, something I think most of us have a hard time believing.  (more…)

Verizon Galaxy S3 Rooted, Custom Recovery Flashed.

I’ll do my best to save the choice words that I have over the fact that Verizon’s Galaxy S3 is the only one in the world with a locked bootloader, and instead let you have fun with that. What I will say, is that I thought we’d have root by the end of weekend and we had it before last night came to a close. The folks over at RootzWiki rooted the device by flashing a custom system.img file with su, that then allows you to push a recovery.img like CWM. It’s a great first step.

Unfortunately, the bootloader is still locked, so there is work to be done on that front if we want custom kernels and a fully open device. It’s tough to tell if we’ll ever fully unlock, but you know that there will be groups working on it. Just like with root, give it some time.

Lastly, I’ll say this one more time – the ONLY Galaxy S3 in the world, that we know of, to have a locked bootloader. The only. AT&T was fine with it being open, as was T-Mobile and Sprint. This one though, locked. Classy.

Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers Steven, Brian and Terris! 

CyanogenMod 9 Nightlies Hit the Galaxy SIII, Stock Android Available Right Now

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is the most anticipated phone of 2012 and is likely to make a huge splash in the States when it launches later this month. It stands to get a few more followers now with the announcement that CM9 for the device is already available for download, for the unlocked international version that is. Knowing Samsung’s fairly open approach to Android though, we would be shocked if the U.S. versions weren’t running some form of CM within a week or so after release.

There are only a few bugs to be spoken for at this point:

  • FM Radio: currently not supported, try Spirit FM from market
  • Camera: using LED flash causes FCs on some phones.
  • Waking the device up using volume keys might not work because the device is sleeping too deep and doesn’t recognize key presses.

If you’re one of the lucky people to have the Galaxy SIII in your hands already, the download is available for you now at the source link below.

Are you going to keep Samsung’s new Nature UX or flash a custom ROM when you get yours?


Via: XDA

Samsung Galaxy SIII Has Been Rooted.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has apparently been rooted by famed hacker Chainfire. As you know, the phone isn’t even out yet, but this is good news for those planning to pick up the device in the coming weeks. He isn’t able to release the “insecure” kernel yet as it may be traceable back to the source, so you’ll just have to take his word for it. Knowing his track record with Samsung devices, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Obviously, this root method has been done to the international version of the phone and not the U.S. variants, since they haven’t even been announced yet. When those do arrive though, we’re sure someone will figure it out there as well.

Via:  XDA