File Found to Fix Jelly Bean ROM WiFi Problem, Flashable Through CWM Recovery

One thing you may or may not have noticed after flashing one of the Jelly Bean builds for your phone yesterday was that the WiFi performance seemed to be lacking a little bit (for example, when JB is flashed onto the Verizon Galaxy Nexus). Places where you would normally have a full signal were only coming up as a few bars instead. XDA member mwalt2 had enough and found the resulting different WiFi file in his Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, applied it to Jelly Bean and voila! WiFi that’s back up and running at top speed.

After downloading, the file can be flashed through ClockworkMod Recovery and while mwalt2 suggests a cache wipe may be needed, many people are reporting that a straight install works as well. It’s always good to make a back up!

Via: XDA

Fully Working Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROMs Already Available

If you were a seasoned Android user watching the Google Keynote yesterday where they announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, you had to be thinking “when will I get this on my phone?” Google said “mid-July” but some of us just can’t wait that long. Late last night, developers jdkoreclipse and Team Liquid were busy porting a nandroid of 4.1 on a GSM Galaxy Nexus over to Verizon’s, and it’s working.

The file is flashable through ClockworkMod Recovery, but fully updates you to Google’s next OS with all the features intact. The new Google Voice Search, the “buttery smooth” transitions and everything that was announced yesterday is running smoothly on the phone. A full wipe is recommended before flashing however so you might want to make a backup before hand. Get yourself some Jelly Bean at the link below!

Via: RootzWiki [2]

Linaro Tweaks Added to AOKP, System Performance Boosts Are Quite Noticeable

A non-profit organization named Linaro has recently posted codes that help boost Android system performance by a reported 100%. Their work is focused on how and what the Android OS spends time processing, making the OS run with better efficiency. Since release, it was only a matter of time before that we would begin to see these codes be written into our favorite ROM’s, and the time has come. The creator of AOKP has re-released Build #38 with the Linaro codes baked in, and the performance increase is definitely noticeable. There are also builds available for CyanogenMod users if CM is more your style. (more…)

AOKP Team Inches Closer to Swipe-able Widgets in Your Galaxy Nexus Nav Bar

YouTube Preview Image

Who would have thought that when the Galaxy Nexus was announced with no hardware navigation keys, that devs would grab that idea and blaze these kinds of trails with it. Take the AOKP team for example, who has created a way to embed multiple widgets into the nav bar that can be accessed from any screen and are also swipe-able. From what we understand, this specific feature is not 100% ready for public release yet, but it certainly seems like they are getting close.

Impressed? I am.

Cheers Nick!

Download: Full Android 4.0.4 IMM76K Build for Galaxy Nexus, Flash Over Any ROM

The 4.0.4 update to the Galaxy Nexus is trickling out to users today, however, if you want to run it now and are rooted or running some other custom ROM and not on the upgrade path, we have a file that should get you back on track. Our buddy @P3droid sent over this full IMM76K ROM which is 100% stock, but has been given root/superuser. It includes the new radios, bootloader, and all of the other fun that Google included in 4.0.4, you just don’t have to wait to get it.

For those that are stock and waiting, remember that we have instructions with the official file for you here(more…)

Galaxy Nexus Receives Galaxy SIII Add-On Mod, Say Hello to TouchWiz and S-Voice

Been thinking about turning your Galaxy Nexus into a Galaxy SIII recently? Developers over at XDA are on a mission to do just that, and with the release of these overlay files, I think they have completed the task. Once you flash the add-on files, you will have the sounds, wallpapers, applications, and other tidbits that seperate the SGSIII from every other phone on the planet. You will be able to utilize S-Voice, S-Memos, and some other neat little things Samsung have developed.

We made a quick walk through video to shortly show off the features, so check that out and if it looks like fun, follow the instructions down below to do the same.  (more…)

ParanoidAndroid ROM for the Galaxy Nexus – Finding Middle Ground Between Tablet and Phone Ice Cream Sandwich Layouts

Developers are continuing to make the Galaxy Nexus a classy device for all users. Since Ice Cream Sandwich is an OS made to operate on both tablet and smartphone devices, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to toggle between whichever layout you want. Being an Android user, if you want your phone to have the look of a tablet, you better believe there’s a mod out there to make that happen and ParanoidAndroid is just that.

This isn’t just some cheezy “tablet mode”, where it puts the notification bar at the bottom, but it is the actual formatting (two column layout) that you would see on an Android tablet. It’s a pretty unique experience and if you’ve been getting bored of the same old ICS look, then this is sure to give your phone a nice makeover. Download links and instructions for flashing can be found at the via link.

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Radios From Galaxy Nexus IMM76K 4.0.4 Pulled and Available to Flash

When the new IMM76K Android 4.0.4 update leaked yesterday for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, many of us focused immediately on the new radios that came with it. Could these solve many of the hand-off issues and failures to attach to 4G networks that owners have experienced since day one? Only one way to find out and that’s by flashing them to your phone. Thanks to XDA member mwalt2, a flashable .zip is available for you after the break.  (more…)