Custom ROM Friday: BAMF Paradigm for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

It’s an appreciated change of pace when a team of developers can simply state their goal. Over on the BAMF site, the developers intro the Paradigm ROM with, “When we set out to build this ROM, we wanted to keep the feel as stock as possible while adding as much functionality as possible. The primary concern was always stability and user experience.” That’s what a flasher likes to hear. From my short time with the ROM on my own Galaxy Nexus, I have found it to be a fantastic example of pure AOSP with the perfect mix of customizable options and system optimizations.  (more…)

Android Build JRO03L ROM Released for Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE and Nexus 7

After hitting the AOSP servers, Android build JRO03L of Jelly Bean has already been turned into a custom ROM that is ready for flashing on the VZW Galaxy Nexus and Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. It’s still Android 4.1.1 and there is no official changelog that we’ve seen yet. If you’re in a flashing mood, simply download this file and flash through ClockworkMod. A wipe is recommended if coming from anything else.

DownloadJRO03L for Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE | Nexus 7

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Custom ROM Friday: Liquid Smooth Alpha 6 for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Yea, we know – it’s been too long. For today’s custom ROM, we have Team Liquid’s Jelly Bean Liquid Smooth Alpha 6 for the Galaxy Nexus. Liquid’s goal is to create the smoothest and fastest ROM’s out there, while also being able to deliver plenty of visual customization options. Some of the custom features include 5 lockscreen targets, a custom kernel for overclocking, and notification bar toggles for those who need instant access to system settings.  (more…)

AOKP Jelly Bean Preview Build Released for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus

For everyone that has been waiting on the Android Open Kang Project team to release a build for the Galaxy Nexus that incorporated Jelly Bean, you can download a “preview build” that was released just a coupe of days ago. It has all of the Android 4.1.1 goodness you have been dying for, along with some added AOKP goodies.

From what I’ve found so far, they have only just begun to add all of the fancy customizations. For now, you can have toggles in the pull down menu, clock and battery mods, and of course, those awesome AOKP custom wallpapers.  (more…)

ClockworkMod Recovery 6 Released for Galaxy Nexus, ROM Manager Overhaul is on the Way Too

Last week, Koush talked about a release of ClockworkMod Recovery 6 that would include a handful of new features. Last night, we released the update for the Galaxy Nexus, bringing with it faster backups, a new backup format, fixed restoring of backups greater than 2GB, and a fancy new background. If you want to update to this right away, you can do so through ROM Manager.

Speaking of ROM Manager, he also announced that everyone’s favorite ROM flasher is in need of a makeover. A UI rewrite will arrive “shortly” and will include a paid ROM section, an option to upload your ROM for anyone to use, and the ability to connect your ROM to Recovery Builder. It’s hard to believe that this fantastic app has been around for 2 years already. Bring on the makeover!

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WugFresh’s Root Tookit 1.5 Supports All Nexus Devices Including the Nexus 7

When your Nexus 7 arrives, you should be able to unlock its bootloader, root it, and have a custom recovery up in a matter of minutes. After all, it is a Nexus. But if doing things the manual way isn’t for you or you simply don’t have enough time to type “fastboot oem unlock,” then a root toolkit should be right up your alley. WugFresh built one a while back that continues to be updated with support for new Nexus devices, including the Nexus 7. Without having to worry about drivers and the Android SDK, you can use a root toolkit like this, press a couple of buttons, and be on your way.

Via:  Download | WugFresh

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Bugless Beast 4.1 for LTE Galaxy Nexus Released

Our buddy, Peter Alfonso, is still crankin’ out AOSP ROMs to this day. Last night, he released Bugless Beast for the LTE Galaxy Nexus (toro), which we recommend you jump on if you have yet to flash a Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) ROM. Pete usually keeps things as clean as possible, meaning he doesn’t add a bunch of fluff to his builds. If you are looking for something about as stock as it gets, this would be one to consider.

He did toss in Chrome as the default browser, gave you free native tethering, Google Wallet, louder audio output, and improved scrolling. He also recommends that you “download offline speech recognition package in Google Search settings once ROM is installed.” Google Apps are included. You may need to do a full wipe going from ICS to JB, but it’s up to you.

Via:  Download | Mr. Alfonso

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Massive Amount of Jelly Bean ROMs Hitting the Web for Galaxy Nexus, Here are Some Good Choices

With Jelly Bean source hitting AOSP yesterday, we knew every Android ROM developer would be hard at work to bring the newest and greatest ROM to Galaxy Nexus owners. Whether you are looking for a pure Google Experience ROM built straight from source or want some tweaks and hacks in there as well, we have a very nice list here to get you started.  (more…)