Developers Provide Working CM10 Alpha for Motorola DROID X2

Sure, Motorola has moved onto the RAZR line as their new pride and joy, but the DROIDX line used to be the top dog in the Android game. Just because the DROIDX2 is a few years old now doesn’t mean it’s dead. XDA developer dragonzkiller has provided the public with an alpha build of CyanogenMod 10 that can be flashed to bring your old device up to speed once again.

But be warned, this is still in alpha stage and a few big pieces are not working just quite yet, namely recovery. Restoring and flashing ROMs isn’t functioning yet, but restoring backups works fine. However, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, Calling, GPS and Google Now are a few of the big features that are working. Installation isn’t too complicated but shoehorning new versions of Android into old devices is always tricky. If you want to dust off your old phone and give it a shot, hit the source link below and please make a backup first for safety.

Update:  According to readers, this was updated late last night with working recovery. Go get it!

Via: XDA

DROID X2 Finally Gets Some CyanogenMod 7 Love

The Motorola Droid X2 was a tough nut to crack, but it seems that there has finally been a breakthrough as far as custom ROMs go. XDA user dragonzkiller has successfully brought CM7.2 to the handset that gave people headaches over it’s locked bootloader. The ROM is almost fully featured as well:

  • Full Theme Support For Every Aspect of Your Phone
  • Incognito Browser Mode
  • DSP Equalizer
  • Lockscreen Customizations
  • Lockscreen Gestures
  • Fully Customized Pull Down Toggles

As far as installation goes, this one is a little bit tough so I suggest heading over to the XDA thread and following the instructions exactly. This has got to be good news to anyone with the X2 that was frustrated with the lack of development for this device. This brings one of the most stable and functional ROMs out there to your phone. Head over to XDA to get started.

Via: XDA

ROM Manager Now Supports Both the DROID Bionic and DROIDX2


Both the DROIDX2 and DROID Bionic are now supported by ROM Manager thanks to @koush and @cvpcs.  You will need to be rooted and then bootstrapped in order to use it, but you probably already knew that.  Official Bionic bootstrap should be out soon – the current version works just fine for now though.

For those new to ROM Manager, simply look at this as one of your best tools when it comes to switching ROMs, managing backups, and taking care of a variety of root-only tasks.  One of the top 5 apps for rooted devices of all time, right here.  Now we just need a whole bunch of ROMs to play with on both devices.

Market Link

Cheers MistaWolfe, Mike, and Kevin!

Developer Begins Porting Atrix 4G ROMs to the DROIDX2

Back in July, the DROIDX2 received 2nd-init support – like original DX users had been enjoying – bringing with it the ability to flash custom ROMs.  The only problem has been that there aren’t a ton of developers working on it, so ROMs have been scarce for the most part.  Thankfully, one dev in particular (navenedrob) has decided to start pulling from the massive list of Atrix ROMs and port them over to the DX2.  With both devices running pretty similar specs and chipsets, it shouldn’t be long now before you all have more than a couple of choices.  First up is a stock Android 2.3.4 ROM to get you feeling unBlurred again.

To keep up with the latest ports, follow this XDA thread.

Cheers MistaWolfe!

Rooted Gingerbread Available for DROIDX2

With the new Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) build for the DROIDX2 arriving to soak test members, we also welcome in a pre-rooted version for those of you who wish to continue on with superuser access.  Our buddy @P3droid put in work as he always does to make sure you can all stay current without losing root, something that has yet to be officially gained on 2.3 builds for any Motorola device.  What I mean by that, is if you update to 2.3 and lose root, there are no current methods to root except to SBF back to 2.2 and then install a pre-rooted build.

Update:  I stand corrected, the Atrix on 2.3.4 has been rooted.

The good news is that you can apparently (haven’t tested myself) still SBF back to 2.2 even on this latest 2.3 build for the DX2.  We had a feeling that Moto would lock us out, but they have at least left us one ounce of rooting safety.

Go get some!   (more…)

DROIDX2 Receives 2nd-init Support, Full Custom ROMs Potentially on the Way

Remember the breakthrough that allowed the flashing of CM7 onto the DROIDX back in June?  It looks like that same method (2nd-init) could potentially work on the DROIDX2 as well, opening up this device to some pretty fun times.  Everything was pulled from the Atrix’s 2nd-init and is still very beta at this time, so we’re not suggesting that just anyone go out and start playing around with this.  The best thing you can do is start talking about it (a lot), ask your favorite devs to take note of it, and then watch the magic happen.

More info at this XDA thread.

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First DROIDX2 ROM Available for Download


Big news in the land of the DROIDX2 today; the first ever ROM has been released by c21johnson and it actually looks pretty sharp.  Sporting an all black theme along with a ton of “performance based enhancements,” this should make DX2 users extremely happy for the time being.  The ROM is definitely a “beta,” but that doesn’t mean it can’t be your daily driver.  In fact, the bug list is almost non-existent and doesn’t appear to include anything major.  Go grab it!   (more…)