Wireless Tether Appears to Work on CM7 for the DROIDX

There has been a lot of talk around these parts over the last few weeks that has to do with the wireless tethering situation on Verizon with certain devices like the DROIDX.  We’ve posted work-arounds for whatever block they’ve implemented and complaints have been filed with the FCC, but it looks like all we really needed was a little CyanogenMod 7 to get it going.  According to reader Ryan, he’s had no issues with a tethering block now that he has flashed the new CM7 for DX that we posted yesterday morning.  His proof is above.

To download the latest version (since it has been pulled from the market), head here.

Cheers Ryan!

Download: CM7 Released for the DROIDX

Well folks, it’s here.  You can finally get a taste of CyanogenMod7 for the DROIDX.  Our boy @cvpcs worked some magic, tested it over the last few days, ironed out the majority of bugs and has released a version (basically a beta) that’s stable enough for everyone to try.  This is a pretty damn exciting day.  And no need to for any extra wordplay, let’s just jump on into it.   (more…)

CyanogenMod 7 Finally Makes Its Way Onto the DROIDX (Updated)

YouTube Preview Image

No, that’s not a misprint in the title.  Our buddy @cvpcs has finally done what many considered to be impossible – he’s successfully ported/installed/awesomed CM7 onto the DROIDX.  A device that has seen developer almost come to a halt due to limitations may have a second life that is only getting started.

Back in January when he announced through Droid Life that he would be joining the CyanogenMod team, one of his goals was to get the DX into the CM family; it appears now as if we are closer than ever.  So how did he do it?  I’ll one quote from his post on the matter:

…this was done using my recently new-found-knowledge of 2nd-init, which I will describe later in a blog post (don’t want to get into it here). This still runs on top of the original motorola kernel though. I repeat, the bootloader is still locked, and you are still forced into using moto’s kernels, but that doesn’t really prevent us from doing all that much. :D

While “2nd-init” means nothing to me, it sure sounds like the breakthrough that we’ve all needed in order to take DX development to the next level.  We’ll be eagerly awaiting his explanation.

…no, this means we are able to restart init and run a clean system using the currently existing kernel

Oh, he also plans to open up a testing period in the very near future, so stay close as we’ll definitely have more on that.  For now though, please let your feelings be known to the world – how does CM7 on the DX sound?

Update:  CVPCS offered some additional details in the comments to help clear up any confusion on the white M logo and whether or not this is Gingerbread:

Ok there seems to be some confusion.  CM7 is gingerbread.  it always has been gingerbread.  it always WILL be gingerbread.  The reason there’s a white moto logo is because it has to boot off of the 2.6.32 kernel which shipped with froyo.  That does NOT mean that it IS froyo.  That just means that it’s the 2.6.32 kernel instead of the 2.6.35 kernel that shipped with gingerbread.  This is NO way affects gingerbread, as the D1 is currently running gingerbread off of a .32 kernel as well.  Hopefully that will clear up some confusion.

Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers zepfloyd, Daniel, James and everyone else!

Tip: DROIDX and 2 Gingerbread Wireless Tether Work-Around (Updated)

It was just last week that we reported on a new blocking method that Verizon had enabled to stop rooted DROIDX users with Gingerbread from using select wireless tether apps.  Today though, thanks to one of our fabulous readers, we have a work-around for the DROIDX (possibly other devices) that appears to get you up and running in just a matter of minutes.  Hopefully this gives you a little bit of time while that FCC complaint over this very same subject is being looked at.     (more…)

DROIDX Gingerbread (4.5.596) SBF File Released

Ahh, the trusty ol’ SBF file.  The file that can bring you back to a stock state should you do something drastic to your phone and actually screw up.  This DROIDX Gingerbread (4.5.596) version would be one that you’ll want to tuck away for safe keeping.  We should warn you though, that using this will drop you to a clean and unrooted official Android 2.3.3.  And that means you won’t be able to get root since 2.3.3 has not been rooted yet.

Download:  VRZ_MB810_4.5.596_1FF_01.sbf [mirror]

*File is super compressed and will need 7zip to unpack it.

Via:  XDA, MDW

Download: Official DROIDX Gingerbread 4.5.596 for Rooted Users

The official Gingerbread (v4.5.596) update for the DROIDX started last night for soak test members, but a version has already been released for rooted users thanks to @P3droid.  There are essentially two different methods to get you upgraded since there are a variety of leaks running on people’s phones.  You’ll want to read all of the instructions carefully and decide which one is you before proceeding.   (more…)

App of the Day: SBFportable

Today’s app of the day isn’t an app at all. It’s a program. Currently it’s for the DROIDX but has plans to be applied to all devices.

SBF. Did you just tremble a little? Feel a cold chill climb up your spine? How about the word brick? Well no more fetal positions for those of you that avoid SBF like the plague! A collaboration, spearheaded by WugFresh, between some big time Android players has spawned SBFportable. This is a stand alone and automated program for all Windows computers that takes the scary out of SBF.

For those new to the term SBF, here is a little background.  Let’s say you jump into the rooting game and at some point find your device useless because a ROM flashing went wrong, you decide to go back to stock for an OTA update, or you are for some reason left without a working backup.  Flashing an SBF file will solve all of your problems by returning your device to its stock state.  After flashing an SBF file, you are left with a device whose software looks like it came straight out of a box.

What is SBFportable and how does it work?

…here is the first release of a fully automated standalone live SBF exe built with 1KDS’s latest iso (1KDStaz0.8.iso), MobaLiveCD.exe (standalone vm environment via QEMU), and some batch and VBScript I wrote to make it work. Just download it, and double click and it should do the rest; besides pressing 1 once its all loaded up. The file will silently extract its contents to a temporary directory on your local machine and then run…

WugFresh also points out a bunch of must-dos before using this program such as:

  • Making sure your phone is in bootloader mode.
  • Making sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Making sure your computer is fully charged
  • Understanding that SBF-ing wipes your entire phone clean.
  • Making sure your phone is actually plugged into your computer.

So there ya go. I have used it on my DROIDX to test it (although I’m a Linux flashing addict) and can tell you it is almost too easy. No excuses anymore guys. Get a ROM. Get Gingerbread. Get this file and never look back!

Download:  SBFportable_v0.6.exe

Full support can be found here.

*And the AAS app today is The Impossible Game.

Verizon Signs Off on Official Gingerbread for DROIDX? Time to Prepare for the Update

Somewhere on the internet you heard that Motorola was hoping to get an official build of Gingerbread (Android 2.3) for the DROIDX signed off on by Verizon today…oh that’s right, you heard it right here from us.  And according to our homie P3Droid, Verizon has done just that, meaning we are days away from seeing the build made available to our phones.  So how do you get your phone to a state where it can receive the update?  Well, a method has been provided that doesn’t include flashing an SBF back to Froyo.

A new build (4.5.595) has been made available and will apparently allow you to accept the update when it arrives.  I know that some of you just got done flashing 4.5.591, but P3 assures us that you need to jump up to .595 in order to get the official build which should be 4.5.596.  And if you are running either of the other two leaks (.573 or .588) then you’ll need to update to 4.5.595 as well.  Make sense?

Download:  Full Stock – No Root | Full Odexed | Full Deodexed

Update:  If you want to receive the official update, you’ll need to be on the “Full Stock – No Root” version.


1.  Drop the file on your SD card.
2.  Boot into recovery using the Bootstrap.
3.  Install the zip through Clockwork Recovery.
4.  Enjoy version 4.5.595 of GB.

Full support can be found at MyDroidWorld.