Droid 3 .906 SBF File Released, One-Click and RSDLite Included for Whichever You Use

SBF files have saved more than a few people’s phones if flashing ROMs gets a little out of hand. It allows you to flash a stock image of the phone in a last case scenario and is always good to have around just in case. The DROID 3 is seeing some love with a new SBF file released, of the .906 firmware build, for download today, and you even get to choose which method you like.

For those who like the safety of a one-click method, you can download the file and let the program do it’s thing while you relax. If RSDLite is more your cup of tea, XDA developer ovelayer has that file for you as well. Either way you use, the SBF will revert your phone back to .890 if you would ever need it. Generally these are good to have around if you are a prolific ROM flasher, so head over to XDA and get the download now.

Via: XDA

Camera Finally Working in Bionic, RAZR and DROID 3 Ice Cream Sandwich ROMS

Owners of Motorola devices who might want to flash some vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich with no Blur attached now have additional options when looking to do so. There have been ICS ROMs available already, but there was a bug involved that hindered the camera from working properly in some of them. And for some, a non-working camera is a complete no-go.  (more…)

Custom ROM Friday: Builds For Galaxy Nexus, DROID 3, And HTC Rezound

After last week’s return of Custom ROM Friday, we could see that folks sure did miss it. So this week, we bring you a few ROMs that should tie you over until next week. First up, we have GummyNex 0.7.0 by developer Kejar31 and Syaoran12. If you have been flashing ROMs on the Galaxy Nexus, then we are sure you have come across this name at least a few times. It brings the speed, customizations, and stability that people look for in daily drivers.  (more…)

Liberty ROM Released for Both DROID3 and Bionic


The wait is over. Kejar and JRummy have finally released Liberty ROM to the public for both the DROID3 and DROID Bionic. As is customary with their ROMs, you get a mostly Blur-free UI, “from source” built apps, snazzy yellow and black theme (@davekover), and a whole bunch of customizable settings to really make this your own. Their work has always been some of our favorite here at DL and wanted to share with those of you who may not be familiar yet.   (more…)

ROMs: DROID3 and Bionic See First Batch

The first set of ROMs for the the DROID Bionic and the DROID3 are starting to pop up now that we have official bootstrap apps and an easy root method.  The two we have listed below each have been de-bloated, include tweaks to build.props, and run on the latest firmware available.  There will likely be many more on the way, including one from Team Liberty which is rumored to be available in the Liberty Toolbox already.

ROM Threads:  Unleashed (Bionic) | Steel Droid (DROID3)

Cheers Brian, Jason, Graham, and Connor!

“Official” DROID3 and Bionic Bootstraps Land on the Market

If you were waiting for the official versions of the DROID3 and Bionic bootstrap to hit the market, then today is your day.  Both are available for $2.99 as are all bootstraps.  The “unofficial” versions that we have posted should work just fine for now though, but probably won’t receive updates like these market versions will.

Market Links:  DROID3 | Bionic

Cheers DL app tipster!

DROID 3 Bootstrap Released, Get Your Recovery And Backups On

This morning we had the pleasure of the bootstrap for the DROID Bionic being released and now all you lovely DROID 3 owners can have some fun too. Thanks to HashCode, users can start backing up and restoring from SD Cards, and even flash some soon-to-be available ROMs. Make sure to be careful when attempting these procedures.


Download: DROID3Bootstrap.apk

Video showing off the newly bootstrapped DROID3:  (more…)