DROID 2 Global Already Rooted and Bootstrapped

Well that lasted all of 1 day.  The still unannounced Droid 2 Global, which is arriving at customers’ door steps early, can apparently be rooted with the same methods currently running around in the wild.  Our reader said he used the “on phone” method found here, but I’m guessing the SuperOneClick method we’ve featured would do the trick as well and without all of the manual command typing.

Update:  SuperOneClick method is reportedly freezing up.  Go with the manual method!

He was also able to bootstrap the recovery using Koush’s D2 Bootstrap app.

Cheers Brandon!

SuperOneClick Still Roots DROID 2, Even on Version 2.3.20

We told you about SuperOneClick a couple of weeks ago as a great source for easy rooting if you are incapable of installing the Android SDK and running a couple of adb commands. (Cheap shot!)  The app has evolved a lot since then, is now on version 1.3.5, and even roots the Droid 2 running the latest 2.3.20 update.  I just ran it myself, used some root-only apps, rebooted the phone a couple of times and still have access.  Enjoy!   (more…)

DROID 2 SBF Released for 2.3.20 Update

To anyone with a Droid 2 who also loves to root, custom ROM, theme or overclock their phone, please download the latest 2.2 SBF file which will save your bum should you run into any issue while running the new update to version 2.3.20.  We warned you last week not to mess with your phone too much should you have received the update, but now you are officially safe.

Download from this MDW thread.

JRummy Releases Droid X/2 Overclock App, 1.45GHz Speeds and Voltage Settings

JRummy, one of our favorite ROM developers of all time released his Droid X and 2 overclock app this morning and it doesn’t disappoint.  We told you about the Unstable Apps release earlier, but this is another option that I highly recommend.  The UI is as pretty as his ROMs, you can clock your device up to 1.45GHz, change the voltage and even set them on boot.  Oh, he even tossed in some goodies like an ad blocker and apps to SD support.  How can you beat that?   (more…)

DROID X and 2 Clocked at 2.0GHz, Both Laugh at T-Mobile G2

Thought all that T-Mobile G2 overclocking business was neat?  Well, we’ll just call it cute in comparison to what our buddies Matt4542 and Joe just pulled on their Droid X and 2 devices.  How does 2.0GHz sound?  You impressed?  Matt4542, part of Team DeFuse, is working hard at making this stable and seems to believe that it’s possible.  Can you imagine your Droid family member dominating at speeds like this?  See it for yourself running on Fission and the D2 after the break.   (more…)

Unstable Apps Releases Simple Droid X and 2 Overclock App

Remember the 2 overclocking methods released this week for the Droid X and Droid 2 that had some pretty intimidating steps involved which scared most of us off?  No worries people, we now have an app that does all of the work for you.  From the same dev that brought you Easy Root, you can now enjoy some minor overclocking on your DX or D2 with DX/D2 Overclocker.   (more…)

DROID 2 Overclocked Too!

And just as we got done telling you about a Droid X overclocking method yesterday, we get the same method ported over to the Droid 2 today.  There really isn’t much to say except, good luck!  The method is for pretty advanced rooted users, but we are seeing 1.2  and 1.4GHz overclocks which is pretty significant.

Anyone down to try it?

Full support thread with instructions at Android Forums.

Cheers Ben!