DROID Theme Friday: Zenito MIUI 1.0 by Bgill55

The MIUI ROM just won’t go away and now we even have themers taking their turns at customizing it.  We showed you a quick video walkthrough of this Asian sensation ROM earlier this week, so it only seemed fitting that we bring you a theme to go along with it.  From our boy Bgill55, comes Zenito MIUI 1.0, the dark take on this epic ROM.

Download:  Zenito_MIUI_v1.0.zip


Ask Dr. Root: Adb Commands and Frame Me Widget

Dr. Root, I have adb set up now how do I use it?

First of all, if don’t have adb and the Android SDK installed follow these instructions.   Now, I know we all don’t share a love of adb, but seeing as it is being used more and more I thought that you should get a basic grasp of what can be done with it. I am going to provide you with a list of commands that you should have on hand to help you out.  I’ll also show you how to make sure your device is connected properly to adb.  These commands can be found here.   (more…)

Video: MIUI ROM for Original DROID

I don’t really know where to start with this ROM, but it’s something that floated around Youtube for a few days and seems to have taken the ROM world by storm.  MIUI is a Chinese ROM that was initially revealed on the Nexus One and was then quickly ported by US developers to every other device on the planet.  It has a ton of features that would be nice to see on both stock Android and other custom ROMs even if it looks similar to the i*hone.

Almost every thing should work and if ROMs are super interesting to you, then I suggest that you check this out even for a few minutes.  It’s running Android 2.2 and a Chevy kernel so you can overclock it.

Video and instructions after the break.  Enjoy!   (more…)

Custom Theme Friday: RZ Alien Darkness for BB V0.5

Another great week down!  We had Kellex at OpenFeint in my neck of the woods (That was fun.).  We got 4G on the Droid Incredible? And I’m changing the name of the IRC to CCROM-Life? More about that after the break…or not.

So since the release of Bugless Beast Version Zero Point Five, I have been looking for a theme to throw on top and I think I have found someone who knows what I’m shooting for. Widgets, whole APK’s, Pulldown Menu, and even your Mommas Pajamas are themed here! Yes, please!

I present RZ Alien Darkness by ‘RaidZero’.  Enjoy… (more…)

Bugless Beast V0.5 is Out!

Pete finally returns after a long layoff and just so happens to bring a new version of Bugless Beast, his incredibly popular Droid 1 ROM.  This comes packed with some feature that I’m not any of us have even dreamed of, and trust me when I say that that is a good thing.

Some of the highlights:

  • Automatic app install after wiping data and cache
  • Apps installed to data instead of system for easy uninstallation
  • Includes 3 of his paid market apps:  sound recorder, video camera, testing menu

Since I’m in San Francisco, I haven’t had a chance yet to flash this so I’m curious to know from all of you how it’s going.  Pete’s ROMs are always top notch and this version has had a ton of buzz surrounding it.  Go get it!

Read the full ROM write up at Pete’s blog.  Changelog here.

Download the ROM here.

Anyone running this yet?  Let me know what you think!

Custom Theme Friday: Invertnito by ‘Shocka2430′ for Sapphire

Happy Friday everyone! Now we all know Mrpicolas is a master of customizing home screens with a bunch of cool widgets and apps to make it look how you want, but may I just say, I think I know how to make a pretty cool home screen myself. I am a more reserved ‘less is more’ type of guy and can’t really enjoy looking at a bunch of clutter. (I need order!)  And let me tell you, that’s what makes this theme quite nice. Thanks to Ludacrosse05 (for always hooking it up Bro Status) I am able to tinker with a bunch of imagery.

Last week we had a few people wanting a lighter theme. Is this light enough for you?

This is the Invertnito theme by Shocka2430 based on BGill55’s Incognito theme but, you guessed it….Inverted! I’m usually not a white notification bar kinda guy, but I will admit that this theme is extremely clean. Good job Shocka and BGill!

Instructions on installation after the jump!


Download: Rule the Air Droid Life Boot Animation

One of our most righteous members and IRC Channel OPs Mr. Darkwing Duck, has graced us with this more than awesome Rule the Air Droid-Life boot animation. It’s extremely slick and only takes a couple minutes to install. (I know this is what I’ll be using for as long as I have my Droid!) We can’t thank everyone enough who comes up with all this custom stuff for us; it really is a super special (and may I say cult like) following we have here! Thanks everyone for making Droid-Life the place to be!

Instructions for installation after the jump…. (more…)

Ask Doctor Root: Wallpapers, Icons and Rom Manager Recovery Fix for the X

Our resident expert when it comes to anything Droid or Android related, but what he really loves is dissecting rooting questions.  There is nothing our Dr. doesn’t know, so ask away!  Ask Dr. Root.


Dr. Root, How can i use multiple static wallpapers?

Well. before last week I would have told you that it’s not possible. I’ll explain why. The Android operating system handles wallpapers by screen size and as you scroll or swipe from one screen to another it shows only a portion of the wallpaper. There is a technical explanation that involves a lot of math and layout jargon which I will not go into.  Your solution?   (more…)