ROM: Project Elite V5 Released for Original DROID, Brings Lots of Gingerbread

When Actngrezy and mojo_droid first told me about Project Elite back in December, they still seemed unsure on how the world of DROID gurus would take it.  Well, after seeing our State of the DROID ROM-o-sphere, I think it’s safe to say that they were happily accepted and according to our audience, are the top OG DROID ROM on the planet.

Last night they released Project Elite V5 which is their take on an AOSP Gingerbread ROM, meaning you should probably take a look at this right away if you are still rockin’ the original.

Download: |  Changelog


Full support and info about PE5 can be found at their site.

Download: Stock Android 2.3.2 for Original DROID by Peter Alfonso

Original DROID users, it’s time to get your Gingerbread on and you can thank our friend Peter Alfonso for it.  With most of us accepting the fact that the OG will never see an official Android 2.3 build from Moto, Pete has taken it upon himself to make sure you get damn close.  His newest ROM is a stock AOSP 2.3.2 build which is about as new as you’ll see, but the plans are for this to be updated as Google updates, meaning you’ll definitely see 2.3.3 the minute it’s available.  And when I say “stock” I’m not messing around.  Sure, he tweaked some things here and there to give you a great experience, but on the outside, it will look just like an official update that you have received OTA.  Stock launcher, ringtones, wallpaper, boot animation and neural network live paper are all included, so this won’t feel like a “custom” ROM, but that’s the point.

The goal is for this to become a way to keep the hundreds of thousands of OG users running the latest Android build.  You’ll notice in the filename below a “GPA10″ which is the start of his naming convention.  As you see that number continue to rise, that will likely mean that you need to update to the latest build.

And if you don’t want that 100% stock feel, don’t worry as he’ll be adding features to Bugless Beast.

Thanks Pete!


Flash to your phone just as you would any other ROM.  Please make a backup!

Additional details and support can be found at Pete’s site.

Liquid Gingerbread 1.0 Released for Original DROID

If you are still rocking that OG DROID and want to get as close to Gingerbread as you possibly can, then I suggest you check out Liquid’s new Gingerbread 1.0 release.  Built  from CM and Google source, this has all of the goodies to make your phone actually feel like it’s running an official Android 2.3 build.  It comes with a stock kernel that can be clocked up to 1.0GHz, but don’t worry, there are plenty of others out there if you really need to go higher.  Liquid ROMs have been some of the best for the DROID since the beginning and it doesn’t appear as if their team is slowing down any time soon.  Definitely give this one a shot.     (more…)

Project Elite ROM for the OG DROID

OG Droid owners rejoice! We’re finally getting around to delivering the good news about Project Elite! We have had a lot of readers and even a couple developers asking us to feature a post about this ROM. Well they weren’t yanking my chain as this ROM is solid as rock and has all the features, scripts, and themes a DROID Freak could ask for.

Here’s a quote I pulled from the the developer (Greg), who goes by the nick actngrezy:

“I wanted to have a ROM with speed, performance, but some of the features that a lot of people enjoy having. I wasn’t going to release this originally until I gave it to some testers and according to the testers it’s very very fast, stable, and it does exactly what it was meant to do which was very pleasing to hear.”

Fast and stable indeed! This would be a good ROM to push all OG DROID 1 owners into the new year.  A new developer, doing some amazing things all in his spare time because he wants to give back to the best community on the planet.   (more…)

Bugless Beast V0.6 Released with Bits of Gingerbread

It has arrived. In an interview we had with Pete not too long ago, he announced that Bugless Beast Version 0.6 would be a ‘from source’ ROM. Mmm, from source. It has been released and just in time for it to snag some nice goodies from Gingerbread.

Even from first boot I can tell people will like this. With only an 800MHz kernel running, this thing flies. So after the jump get the download link and have yourself a scoop of Bugless!   (more…)

First Gingerbread ROMs for Original DROID Released

The first Gingerbread ROMs for the original Droid are starting to pop up and for the most part, people are super excited about the performance they’ve seen while running them.  These are first attempts though and they lack ALL Google Apps, so you won’t get the full experience, but so far, people have nothing but great things to say.  In fact, most people would switch to these immediately should they actually include any of the GApps.   (more…)

Download: Gingerbread Theme For OG DROID

I officially declare myself a theme wh*re and am currently seeking attention. I didn’t think I would jump on the bandwagon for getting my phone to look like Gingerbread as quickly as I did. But, what can I say? The UI is sexy! I asked my good buddy Koveleski of DarkEdge, if he could whip something up for me. He obliged and did a great job. Thanks Dave! I owe you.

He asked which ROM it should be for. Well here’s another shout out to CVPCS and Sniffle on the Sapphire Team. Thanks for making a great DROID ROM! I chose Sapphire 1.1 because of the sheer smoothness that comes along with this ROM. But don’t worry everybody! You will see this shortly on every other ROM for the DROID. I got your backs.

After the jump, I’ll have some instructions and download links for you if you wanna join me down the Gingerbread road. (more…)