Jelly Bean Ported to OG DROID, This Thing Won’t Die

Developers continue to pump out love for the “OG” Droid. Recently, a developer over at XDA decided to go all out and push a complete build of Jelly Bean to Motorola’s most popular Android device. According to a reader that has flashed the build, it seems to be a very functional ROM and only the camera tends to be slow or non-working. If you happen to have your unlocked and rooted Droid sitting around, then why not show it some love with the newest version of Android?  (more…)

Alpha Build Of Ice Cream Sandwich Available For Motorola OG DROID


CyanogenMod might have officially killed CM support for the OG DROID, but that small fact is not going to stop the good people over at XDA from bringing the newest CM9 to the old iconic device.  A pre-Alpha Ice Cream Sandwich build has been made available for flashing by any and all brave testers willing to give it a try.  This is not daily driver material. This is for people who are experienced with making backups, wiping your device numerous times, and have some extra time to test things.  For the rest of us, we can just sit back and know that people are working hard to bring us ICS to the OG.  (more…)

Pete Brings Back Bugless Beast, Updates Original DROID to Android 2.3.7

Now that is a name we haven’t heard in some time, “Bugless Beast.” The original DROID ROM that was one of the staples back in the day has returned thanks to our buddy Peter Alfonso. Instead of continuing on with his GPA series, he’s going back to Bugless as the name is just to sweet to let retire. He has also added support for a handful of other devices like the Nexus S, Nexus One and DROID Incredible (beta) that are probably worth checking out. OG DROID owners though, you can feel good knowing that you are running Android 2.3.7 before most of the rest of the world.

Downloads available in ROM Manager.

More info. Changelog.

Cheers Mike and Kris!

Download: GPA17 (Android 2.3.5) For The Motorola “OG” DROID By Peter Alfonso

We are no strangers to the work of Peter Alfonso, here at Droid Life. Pete has been pumping out ROMs since the beginning, and he just keeps on delivering for the masses. His newest release is GPA17, which is Android 2.3.5 for the Motorola DROID. Pete has added in a few noticeable features of course.  You have to love the fact that this device is still getting love, but we should point out that this may be his last update for a while since he is headed back to school.   (more…)

Android 2.3.5 Released for the Original DROID by Peter Alfonso

Our buddy Pete Alfonso continues to work his magic to make the original DROID one of the most current Android devices on the planet.  Today, he’s releasing Android 2.3.5 through DL so that OG owners can have it before almost any other smartphone.  There aren’t a lot of spicy changes, but there are new GApps, an updated Search app that is not in the market yet, Gtalk with video and the new market.


As usual, download the file from above and drop it on your SD card.  After that, boot into recovery through ROM Manager, make a backup and then “install zip from sd card.”

And just in case he updates it, you’ll want to check this folder.  Here is his github.

Be sure to keep up with Pete at his site and on Twitter!

Custom ROM Friday: Project Elite 6.5 For “OG” DROID

Apparently there are thousands of people who have been waiting for this ROM to be released, and luckily for all of you, last night our dear friend Actngrezy and Mojo Droid uploaded it for the masses. Project Elite 6.5 is based off Android 2.3.4 and is going to make your OG DROID run smooth as butter. Plus, there is even an alternative themed ROM if stock coloration doesn’t tickle your fancy.

What’s even better news is that the developers recently received a DROID Incredible, and you may be seeing Project Elite on multiple devices in the future. Fingers crossed, people. So enough talk, let’s get to flashing!  (more…)

Download: MIUI For Motorola DROID (Updated with New Version)

Someone saw our story earlier today about the newest MIUI UI, and it just so happened to be a developer for MIUI. Now here we are with the download link to get it on your DROID today! I flashed it myself on the old but reliable OG, and it’s definitely going to stay there for quite some time while I play with all the new features.  (more…)

Peter Alfonso Releases GPA16 (GB 2.3.4) For The DROID – And We Have The Hidden File

Peter Alfonso is a man well known for keeping our old favorite Motorola DROID, aka “OG” (we started that) alive and kicking. He is still making this phone his main priority and is releasing a new build of Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for the 550 MHz processor rocking relic. So all we can do is thank him a million times over for dedicating all his time to this project and making this phone more up to date than carriers would have ever expected.  (more…)