Motorola Included a Root Check in the RAZR, RAZR MAXX, and DROID4 With Ice Cream Sandwich

See that little “qe 1/1″ listed on the screenshot above of my DROID RAZR booted into recovery? According to @P3Droid and a variety of testers, this is a root checker of sorts that Motorola has built into the boot and recovery .img files of their current crop of devices, including the RAZR, RAZR MAXX and DROID 4. If you see “qe 0/0″ you are running a device that has never been rooted. If you see “qe 0/1″ you are running a device that was at one time rooted, but currently is not. If you see “qe 1/1″ like in the picture above, you are running a device that is currently rooted.  (more…)

DROID 4 Fastboot File Released For Build 6.13.215

The first fastboot file for the DROID 4 is now available for those of you that want to have a security blanket of sorts should you run into any software issues with your phone. The build number on this file is 6.13.215, which is the original software build for the device. Within the last week, the D4 was updated to 6.13.219, so you may want to verify that this file can be flashed over 6.13.219 before doing so.

Via:  Eternity Project

DROID 4 Has Been Rooted.

Holding off from purchasing the DROID 4 because you were under the impression that it could not be rooted? Fear not, the work has been done. If you own a Windows computer, you can simply plug in your phone, download the file from below, unzip and then run it to gain root acces. Don’t forget to tick on USB Debugging though.



Via:  Dan Rosenberg

Cheers FAL_fan, Shurikenv and everyone else!