Official DROID 2 Global .629 SBF Made Available, Will Unbrick Your Device

DROID 2 Global owners, download this SBF file and stash the file somewhere safe. If you are the type to try and flash ROM’s and gain root, then you may have heard that after the newest .629 firmware update, any attempt at SBF’ing to an earlier build would have resulted in some very unpleasant outcomes such as bricked and dead phones. Thankfully, developers now have their hands on the official SBF and have tweaked it so that you can unbrick your devices and even root the phone through a pretty simple set of instructions.

If you are into that type of dangerous Android experimenting, check the via link and have in on the fun.

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DROID 2 Global Update to Build Number .629 Rolling Out Now, Let the Bug Fixing Commence

Owners of the DROID 2 Global can start pulling down the OTA update that was first announced here. In the update you’ll find a good selection of bug fixes which include a fix for a “Memory Low” issue, camera settings not saving, and an annoying erasing of certain app’s data. Once you install the update, you should notice better performance all around.

To pull the OTA: Settings>About Phone>System Update

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SBF Files Released for DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro

If you own a Droid 2 Global or Droid Pro and plan on doing any rooting, ROMing or tweaking, then you’ll love this bit of news from our friends over at My Droid World.  The SBF files for both devices went live today, so you may want to go download them immediately before they are gone forever.

For those not familiar, SBF files are used any time your device hits a state of unrecoverability (that a word?).  An SBF flashed using a program called RSD Lite will wipe your phone back to its stock state, which is like having a brand new, out-of-the-box Droid.  The files are normally used by carriers to wipe phones before sending them off for warranties and such, but if you can have one in your back pocket, it may come in handy should you do something horrible to your phone.

Of course, we do not recommend that you do anything out of the ordinary to your phone and cannot recommend that you even try using one of these files.  We’re just letting you know that they are out there.

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