Newer DROID Charge Gingerbread Build EP4P Leaked

Another unofficial Gingerbread build has leaked for the Samsung DROID Charge and after 4 days of testing, @P3Droid says there seems to be no issues with it. Win. For all you brave souls who own a DROID Charge and want to taste some Gingerbread, follow the link down below and give it a go. There is a chance that this is the final build, but we won’t know for sure until Verizon makes it official. Don’t forget to make backups and read all the directions.

Via: MyDroidWorld

DROID Charge CM7 Also Boots in Early Alpha Stage

It’s still a work in progress, but to the DROID Charge owners in the building, you will be pleased to know that CyanogenMod 7 is inching closer to your phone.  A team is in place and has booted it, but we are still a ways from it being ready for public consumption.  In fact at this point, they are only listing the things that are working since that list is much shorter than the non-working one.  This is still a good sign though.  As this device gets closer to a more stable build, you will be the first to know.

Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers Mark and SonicSayz!

Leaked Gingerbread Now Available for the DROID Charge

The Gingerbread (Android 2.3) build for the DROID Charge that was teased over the weekend is now available for rooted users to download.  We should point out that it does include its fair share of bugs though, like a dead mobile hotspot app and no HDMI functionality, but the biggest might be the fact that it can’t send or receive texts.

It’s definitely unofficial 2.3.3 and these bugs aren’t a surprise, so try to understand if you dive into it, that this is no where near what the final release will feel like.  You can use Netflix afterwards though!

You can find all of the files and instructions at MyDroidWorld.

DROID Charge Starting to See Custom ROMs, Gummy Charged is One to Check Out

The DROID Charge (our review) may not have been adopted as widely as the HTC Thunderbolt was by developers after launch, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some still out there puttin’ in work on ROMs for it.  Over the last week and a half we’ve started to see a handful or so reach pretty stable levels, so we wanted to make sure our Charge readers knew about them.

The ROM that we’ve picked to highlight is from a familiar name that you may recognize from his DROIDX days:  kejar.  He’s calling it Gummy Charged – a debloated Froyo ED2 build that has mostly “from source” apps aside from the freshly themed stock phone/contacts, task manager, camera and browser he left behind.  Looks pretty sharp to me.   (more…)