ROM Manager Now Supports Both the DROID Bionic and DROIDX2


Both the DROIDX2 and DROID Bionic are now supported by ROM Manager thanks to @koush and @cvpcs.  You will need to be rooted and then bootstrapped in order to use it, but you probably already knew that.  Official Bionic bootstrap should be out soon – the current version works just fine for now though.

For those new to ROM Manager, simply look at this as one of your best tools when it comes to switching ROMs, managing backups, and taking care of a variety of root-only tasks.  One of the top 5 apps for rooted devices of all time, right here.  Now we just need a whole bunch of ROMs to play with on both devices.

Market Link

Cheers MistaWolfe, Mike, and Kevin!

Verizon Blocks Updates to Apps That They Don’t Approve of? How About Bionic Tethering Instructions to Ease the Pain?

Back in April, we discovered that Verizon was starting to block apps that they deemed to be unacceptable or that violated contract terms.  Tethering apps were the first and most noticeably removed, but what if the situation is deeper than just blocking?  What we mean by that is, what if you bought (yes, used your hard-earned money) an app that they are now blocking?  Can you no longer receive updates to that app?  What if you change phones and go into the market to load up everything that you had previously purchased? Are those blocked apps no longer available?

It’s an interesting (more like painful) conversation that should probably be made much more public than it is as of right now.  What started this latest round was the screenshot you are seeing above from a Reddit user who went into his market to update EasyTether only to be welcomed with the message in yellow.  He is unable to load the latest update to the app because his carrier (Verizon) will not allow it.  Now, EasyTether is a $9.99 app that he paid for, but that he is no longer allowed to use? Yikes.

There is a work-around though, as if to soften some of the blow.  If you flip your phone into Airplane mode and then turn on wifi, you should be able to update.   (more…)

First Deodexed DROID Bionic ROM Released

Here we go, DROID Bionic owners.  The first “deodexed” ROM is now available for you to fondle with care. Brought to you by Mr. Kejar31, this would be a great starting point for anyone looking to theme or starting hacking on this latest edition of Blur.  He hasn’t made any other real tweaks to it from what we can tell other than deodexing, so if you were hoping for massive changes, you will have to give the community a little extra time to start tweaking things.   (more…)

Tip: Load the DROID Bionic Boot Menu for Stock Recovery, SBF Flashing, and More

If you ever need to flash an SBF file for the DROID Bionic or you for some reason need to get into recovery, we wanted to share this trick with you to make the process seamless.  Like almost any other Android device, a simple key combination while the phone is off followed by a quick press of the Power button will get you into the Boot Menu.  As you can see in the picture above, the Boot Menu on the Bionic has a lot of new options as compared to older devices, something we hope one day we will be able to fully explore.

So to get into the Boot Menu, simply do the following:

1.  Power down your device.
2.  Press and hold both the Volume up and down buttons.
3.  Press Power.  Done.

From there, you can use the volume keys to switch between options, including Recovery.

To get into Recovery:

1.  Volume down to highlight “Recovery.”
2.  Press Volume up to select it.
3.  When the Android logo appears, press and release both Volume keys.
4.  You can now apply updates, wipe your phone, etc. in Recovery.

Cheers Todd!

DROID Bionic Bootstrap Released, Get Your Recovery and Backups On

Here it is, folks.  The initial build of the bootstrap app for the DROID Bionic is available for you to start using as you please.  This is not the “official” version as @cvpcs is leaving that to @Koush to finish off, but you can grab it, bootstrap your recovery, and start making backups this very minute.  ROMs shouldn’t be too far off now.

Download:  BionicBootstrap.apk

And don’t forget that you have to be rooted in order to use this.



And Just Like that CM7 Boots Up on the DROID Bionic

YouTube Preview Image

One full week after it was released and the DROID Bionic has CM7 on it.  It’s not fully working by any means, but this is one hell of a sign that we will be there before long.  You can all give a shout out to @cvpcs for puttin’ in work.

From his Youtube description, we can see that the touchscreen, accelerometer, and adb work, but that’s about it.  The phone as of now with CM7 won’t charge, has no sound, no graphics, no audio, etc.

Cheers Richard and everyone else!

Fastboot Recovery Files Released for the DROID Bionic, These Could Save You in a Pinch

Before we start on this, we’ll just remind you that this stuff is something that should not be taken lightly and we recommend that you do your best to fully understand every step of it before proceeding.  This file should really only be used as a last resort if for some reason you think you have bricked your DROID Bionic.  It flashes in a similar fashion using RSD Lite to what you may remember from all of those SBF files in our early OG and DROIDX days.  It could be a life saver and it could also kill your phone.

Again, proceed with caution.  I would definitely tuck these files away though if you plan on doing anything out of the ordinary with your new device.   (more…)

DROID Bionic Bootstrap App and Recovery Almost Ready

Yesterday afternoon, we saw recovery loaded onto the DROID3 which was a pretty good sign that the Bionic wouldn’t be far off since they run almost identical software.  According to our homie @cvpcs, a bootstrap app that will slap (say that 5 times fast) Clockwork Recovery onto your device is just about ready for prime time.

For those not familiar with bootstrapping, we’ll have to direct you back to our DROIDX and DROID2 days.  Bootstrapping allows us to sort of bypass the stock recovery and use an alternative recovery for flashing ROMs, creating backups, etc.  It’s way of having a little extra fun with our Motorola devices since they are locked up so tight on the bootloader front.  Speaking of bootloader, we wanted to remind you that this does not unlock it, so there will be no kernel hacking going on – at least for now.   (more…)