DROID Bionic 5.9.902 Fasboot Files Released

Fastboot files for the latest DROID Bionic update are now available to those of you looking for a bit of a safety blanket when flashing Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs or any other hack that may jeopardize the integrity of your phone. A well known community member by the name daywalker04 has come through again, this time with the 5.9.902 file. This is the latest OTA update, so if you need a file that will recover you to there, this is it.

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Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for DROID Bionic Now has Working 4G LTE Thanks to Latest OTA Update


Previous versions of a custom ROM built for the DROID Bionic have been unsuccessful due to a problem with 4G LTE data. Thanks to a recent update to the device from Moto, the underground team has been able to put the pieces together to get the Ice Cream Sandwich build up and running for the masses. If you’re savvy with bootstrapping your device and flashing custom ROMs on a Bionic, then this build is right up your alley.

The first thing you will notice is that this is based on pure vanilla ICS and there is no Blur to be seen. 4G LTE data is working perfectly and only the Camera application is non-working so far, but they’re working on that. You will be able to use all your favorite root-required apps and if you want to give this build a try, then go ahead and follow the via link for instructions and downloads. Happy flashing.

Via: DroidModderX

DROID Bionic and RAZR OTA Updates Can Be Rooted Using Latest DROID 4 Method

Accepted the latest OTA updates for the DROID Bionic and RAZR and have been frustrated with the lack of root access? According to a couple of readers who were willing to take the dive, you should be able to use the method that was released for the DROID 4 over the weekend by @djrbliss. This is for those of you that have yet to get accustomed to using OTA RootKeeper before accepting these updates, of course.

Download the Windows root tool here. If you want to donate to charity in the name of this root exploit, you can do that here.

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New DROID Bionic 5.5.893 Fastboot Files Released

A huge “thanks” again goes out to daywalker04 who has released another set of fastboot files that a ton of DL community members will benefit from. Just yesterday we saw files for the RAZR, but this time it’s the DROID Bionic that gets the love. These are not the first fastboot files we have seen for the Bionic, however, these are built for the newest OTA of 5.5.893 that most of you upgraded to within the last couple of weeks. So going forward, should you soft brick your phone, you will have an easy path to recovery that doesn’t include jumping back 2 or 3 OTA updates.

Via:  XDA

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Liberty ROM Released for Both DROID3 and Bionic


The wait is over. Kejar and JRummy have finally released Liberty ROM to the public for both the DROID3 and DROID Bionic. As is customary with their ROMs, you get a mostly Blur-free UI, “from source” built apps, snazzy yellow and black theme (@davekover), and a whole bunch of customizable settings to really make this your own. Their work has always been some of our favorite here at DL and wanted to share with those of you who may not be familiar yet.   (more…)

Apple Taunts The Droid Bionic’s Camera

In case you missed Apple’s announcement, whether it was out of anger or lack of interest, there were a few moments that made me giggle. When Phil Schiller took the stage, he continued the trademarked Apple presentation of slide after slide of propaganda information. When the slide pictured above came up, Mr. Schiller was quick to taunt the competition, mainly the Droid Bionic.

“I don’t know what Droid Bionic customers have to do between taking pictures… like, go get coffee.”

I have to admit, I laughed. Let’s be honest, Motorola doesn’t have the best cameras, no matter how many megapixels they pump into them.

ROMs: DROID3 and Bionic See First Batch

The first set of ROMs for the the DROID Bionic and the DROID3 are starting to pop up now that we have official bootstrap apps and an easy root method.  The two we have listed below each have been de-bloated, include tweaks to build.props, and run on the latest firmware available.  There will likely be many more on the way, including one from Team Liberty which is rumored to be available in the Liberty Toolbox already.

ROM Threads:  Unleashed (Bionic) | Steel Droid (DROID3)

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“Official” DROID3 and Bionic Bootstraps Land on the Market

If you were waiting for the official versions of the DROID3 and Bionic bootstrap to hit the market, then today is your day.  Both are available for $2.99 as are all bootstraps.  The “unofficial” versions that we have posted should work just fine for now though, but probably won’t receive updates like these market versions will.

Market Links:  DROID3 | Bionic

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