DROID Bionic ICS 6.7.246 Fastboot File Released, Tinkerers Get to Downloading

DROID Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich

If you still like to hack on your DROID Bionic, you’ll be pleased to learn that the new Ice Cream Sandwich update (6.7.246) fastboot file has been released. Just like with old SBF files that were flashed in RSD Lite, this will allow you to recover your phone should you run into any issues. If anything, you should download for safe keeping.

We should point out that once you are running ICS 6.7.246, it is highly recommended that you never try to flash back to Gingerbread 5.9.905, as it may permanently brick your device.

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Motorola Included a Root Check in the RAZR, RAZR MAXX, and DROID4 With Ice Cream Sandwich

See that little “qe 1/1″ listed on the screenshot above of my DROID RAZR booted into recovery? According to @P3Droid and a variety of testers, this is a root checker of sorts that Motorola has built into the boot and recovery .img files of their current crop of devices, including the RAZR, RAZR MAXX and DROID 4. If you see “qe 0/0″ you are running a device that has never been rooted. If you see “qe 0/1″ you are running a device that was at one time rooted, but currently is not. If you see “qe 1/1″ like in the picture above, you are running a device that is currently rooted.  (more…)

DROID Bionic Receives CM10 Alpha Build

The first CM10 Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) ROM for the DROID Bionic has been made available by developer dhacker29. It’s definitely an “alpha” build with things like the camera not working, but if you had already grown bored with Ice Cream Sandwich, then this is your next step. These alpha ROMs are usually just for tinkerers and testers, so proceed with caution.

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Ice Cream Sandwich .229 Leaked for the DROID Bionic, Kernel Updated

Attention Bionic owners, another Ice Cream Sandwich build has leaked through Cheesecake. This one is version .299, which has only a confirmed change to the kernel number. With only minor happenings, this is a pretty good sign that we may be finally getting closer to official release. As always, keep on the lookout. If you want to flash, feel free to find the download and instructions at the via.

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ICS 4.0.4 Leaks For DROID Bionic, Can Be Flashed Through Stock Recovery

Bionic owners, let me be the first to tell you that your morning just got a whole lot better. Late last night, Android guru P3Droid said on twitter that he came across a leaked build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID Bionic. First impressions are that the build is “buttery smooth” and many people are reporting that it runs pretty well on the phone.

The best part about this file is that it can be, actually must be, flashed from stock recovery. You must be on stock .905 for this to work but if you drop the file on your SDcard you can flash away. And if the story could get any sweeter, the root method that worked on the RAZR 4.0.4 build seems to work fine here, but there is a special root method being made for this anyway. If you want to get your Bionic up-to-date hit the source link below and happy flashing!

Update:  The previous root method apparently works, but djrbliss is recommending that you do not use it. Wait for the special root method if you can.

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Official DROID Bionic 5.9.905 Update Begins to Roll Out

The DROID Bionic update we informed you about yesterday is now being shipped out to owners. We know it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich, but it does offer better 4G LTE connectivity (which is a plus) and a couple of other random fixes. One of our tipsters pulled the update zip file for all to enjoy, so if you need to open and examine, feel free to do so.

Note: According to Moto’s Forum Manager, this could just be a smaller soak test with larger roll out happening as early as next week. Sorry, folks.

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Camera Finally Working in Bionic, RAZR and DROID 3 Ice Cream Sandwich ROMS

Owners of Motorola devices who might want to flash some vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich with no Blur attached now have additional options when looking to do so. There have been ICS ROMs available already, but there was a bug involved that hindered the camera from working properly in some of them. And for some, a non-working camera is a complete no-go.  (more…)