Motorola XOOM Review – Verizon

Finally, right?  After almost a month with the device, we’re ready to put together our thoughts on the Motorola XOOM, the world’s first Honeycomb tablet.  This tablet deserved a lot more than those quickie 2-day press reviews we saw around launch time, especially since it introduced the world to a new tablet operating system.  Or should I say, the only tablet operating system?  We didn’t want this to come off as one of those barely-there overviews, so instead, we took our sweet time with it.  We really wanted to blend the XOOM into our every day lives and see if it could keep up.  Did it?  Let’s find out.   (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review – Verizon

This review seems about 2 months overdue, but at the same time feels like perfect timing as we gear up for next week’s CES and who knows how many Android tablets from who knows how many different manufacturers.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab was the first “real” Android tablet to hit the market and according to rumored sales numbers, was a giant success, but has it already run its course?  With Honeycomb, Tegra 2 dual-core processors, 10″ beasts, and rumors of other unicorns just days away from becoming a reality, is this still an option for anyone looking to buy an Android tablet?

I’ve had the Verizon version of the Tab for almost 2 months now and feel like I know the ins and outs, but I’m still trying to grasp the idea of it being a “must have” device.  The following review will look almost identical to the review we did on the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab over at Android Life, but with some VZW specific comments.  My opinions on it haven’t changed since doing that review, so the big difference here comes down to timing again.  Should this be your first Android tablet knowing that there are so many others just around the corner?   (more…)

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab Unboxing

We got our hands on Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab on Friday and wanted to take you through a quick unboxing of it before we really dive in deeply and help you decide if this should be your big holiday purchase.  After just a few minutes of time with it, we’re definitely pleased, but we have a long way to go before we can give you a thumbs up or down.  And of course, this will be followed up by a full review, some tricks you’ve already started to see and so much more.

Enjoy the unboxing!   (more…)