Friday Poll: Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, or LG G5?

In two days, we’ll be able to stop posting leaks and tell you all of the official details of the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and LG G5. At this point, you are probably as sick of the leaks as we are, but try to hang in there. These phones leak like crazy for a reason – they are each a big, big deal. These are the flagships from Samsung and LG to take us into 2016. These phones set the standard for Android for the year ahead and are typically each company’s best selling line of products.

With that in mind, which of the three are you most excited about at this point? Have you seen enough from Samsung to upgrade from the Galaxy S6? Have you seen enough from LG to upgrade from the G4? Have seen enough from either to get you to switch manufacturers? Or, are you planning on sticking with what you’ve got until something else comes along later in year?

In the poll below, tell us which you would choose or are leaning towards before all things become official.

Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, or LG G5?

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Thursday Poll: Have You Ever Run Out of Storage on a Phone?

Today, you’ll see a lot of talk about cloud storage and phones, mostly in reference to Nexbit’s Robin smartphone, as the first wave of reviews for it are out. You can also purchase it as of today for $399, though we are told they have limited quantities.

For those not familiar, the Nextbit Robin thinks we all have a storage problem. To deal with that, they have created a solution that auto-manages the storage on your phone, so that if you are running low, they will backup items you rarely use to the cloud to free up space without you doing any of the leg work. It’s an interesting idea, assuming anyone actually has storage problems.

Personally, I don’t get it. For one, most phones these days have SD card slots that allow for expansion, often up to 2TB. In a two year period, that seems like plenty of storage, especially when you combine it with the 16GB or 32GB the phone has internally. SD cards also don’t require you to backup anything to a cloud, restore it, or deal with security issues that could surround that entire process. I get why people buy phones because of their cameras, displays, speakers, processors, designs, and operating systems, but I don’t know that anyone in my 6+ years of doing this, has ever said, “Man, I really wish I had a smart-cloud backup solution on my phone because I’m always out of space.”

So you tell me, have you ever run out of storage on a phone? If so, does it happen often?

Have You Ever Run Out of Storage on a Phone?

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Question of the Day: How can HTC Win You Over?

Today’s question we are going to keep simpler than ever. Instead of talking about how sad of story HTC has been over the past few years, with miss upon miss in the high-end flagship realm, I really just want to know how (or if) they can win you back over.

In the end, HTC is one of the few manufacturers who really seems to want to do right by customers. They offer free screen replacement programs, unlockable bootloaders, have really toned down their Sense skin, and are making promises to update devices faster than anyone outside of Google. HTC wants you back, they really do.

Are you loving what you have heard about the HTC One M10? Will that phone do it? Do you need something more? Maybe something that doesn’t resemble an iPhone? What can HTC do to win you over?

Question of the Day: How can the LG G5 Win You Over?

Rather than attempting to keep the LG G5 a secret, LG is taking to their social channels to slowly tease their new flagship phone. So far we know the name and when it will be announced, that some of its features might be playful, and the fact that it will have an always-on display. Don’t be shocked if LG continues to tease the G5 feature-by-feature over the next week and a half as we inch closer to its unveiling. My guess is that they’ll subtly announce dual cameras, a new premium design, and maybe even something about the slideout battery. I don’t want to put them in the same category as OnePlus, but in a way, this is kind of a trollout of features. Either way, it’s exciting to say the least.

We’re curious about something, though – will all of this stuff be enough to grab your attention? Last year wasn’t a particularly good year for LG in terms of their mobile business. Most reports had the G4 lagging behind expectations and their earnings for mobile certainly took a hit. That’s not to say that the G4 was a bad phone, it just may not have stood out as a meaningful alternative to whatever Samsung cooked up.

In 2016, we expect the LG G5 to be quite good. There should be a metal body and a stunning display and a top tier processor and removable storage and a slideout battery and LG’s take on a dual-camera setup and more. But is “quite good” good enough? What do you need to see from LG to ditch your Nexus or Samsung Galaxy or Motorola phone? How can the LG G5 win you over?

Question of the Day: What Kinds of Accessories do You Buy for Your Phones?

When you buy a new smartphone, not only do you get to enjoy a brand new phone with new features and a new camera and a new gorgeous display, you also get to think about the kinds of accessories you might want to pick up alongside it. That could mean cases, skins, stands, screen protectors, wireless chargers (if supported), fast chargers, SD cards, cables, battery packs, headphones, etc. While the accessory market has evolved over the years from exclusive, device-specific products to products that mostly work universally from one phone to the next (unless you are a Google Nexus phone), I think we still tend to want to outfit our new phone with something extra.

In today’s question of the day, we want to know what kinds of accessories you buy for your phones? What are the best Android accessories that you seem to pick up with each new pick-up? We know that a number of you buy cases, but are you also picking up fresh SD cards or battery packs or quick chargers? If so, which brands are you going with?

Question of the Day: What is the Perfect Smartphone Display Size?

From 2011 through much of last year, we seemed to debate time and time again about what the perfect display size was. We went from 4.3-inch displays being referred to as “hummers” to 5.5-inch displays and beyond as becoming somewhat commonplace. Thankfully, a number of smartphone manufacturers seem to have settled in a bit on what they consider to be optimal, so the argument has died down some. Samsung and its Galaxy S line are hovering around the 5.1-inch mark these days, the Note line has settled into 5.7-inches, LG seems to like 5.5-inches for its G phones, and HTC has taken a liking to 5-inches for its M series.

So here is a question for the day. Now that we are starting to know what to expect in terms of size from each OEM, what is the perfect smartphone display size? Which manufacturer is getting it right, at least in your opinion? Are there still plenty of sub-5-inch fans out here, are you OK with right-around-5-inches, or do you prefer something much larger?  (more…)