Question of the Day: What Does the Moto X Need to be to Win You Over?

motorola moto x

In less than two days, we’ll know everything there is to know about the Moto X. We’ll see a confirmation on specs, how Motorola plans to let you customize it, if there are any extra tricks in store outside of what we saw last week during the DROID unveiling, and probably most importantly, when it’ll be available and for how much. But what we want to know, since this has been one of the most hyped phones since maybe the Galaxy Nexus LTE on Verizon, is what do you need to see on Thursday to make the Moto X your next phone?  (more…)

Thursday Poll: Did You Buy a Chromecast?


Once they hit Google Play and online retailers, the Chromecast sold out fast. You can find some in select stores, so be sure to call up your local Best Buy and other retailers if you are still looking to snag one. Priced at $35, we should have known that everyone was going to go crazy for this little device. It has a lot of potential and launches with some great content streaming features, perfect for those that love devouring videos on the web.

Feel free to answer our poll below and then share why you decided to buy one. Was there a feature that stood out for you?

Did you buy a Chromecast?

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Wednesday Poll: Favorite Announcement From Today’s Google Event?


Now that you have had a chance to soak in all that Google announced today, we are curious to know which piece you are most excited about. Did the new Nexus 7 win you over with its super high-res display? What about Android 4.3? It’s finally here! – and OTAs for most Nexus devices are rolling out as early as today. Did the Chromecast blow your mind at its $35 price?

Let us know what grabbed your attention, and then weigh in with thoughts in the comments.

Favorite Announcement From Today's Google Event?

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Tuesday Poll: Are You Buying One of the New DROIDs?

DROID Ultra Family

We now have the newest members of the Motorola DROID brand. Verizon announced the DROID Mini, DROID ULTRA and DROID MAXX today in one of the shortest press conferences we have ever seen. The 4.3″ DROID Mini features the same dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and Motorola X8 Computing System found in the ULTRA and MAXX, but only costs $99 on-contract.

The 5″ 720p DROID ULTRA is the thinnest of the bunch, coming in at only 7.18mm thick and costs $199 on-contract. Then there is the 5″ DROID MAXX with a whopping 48 hour battery life and an OLED screen that you can also find in the Ultra. The MAXX will hit Verizon for $299 on-contract, along with the rest of the DROIDS, on August 20. Verizon lists all these phones as launching with Android 4.2 and wireless charging capabilities out of the box.

So that leads us to today’s poll – will you be buying one of the new DROIDs? If rumors are correct, the Moto X is coming just around the corner for $300 off-contract. Do these look enticing in any way?

Are You Buying One of the New DROIDs?

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Thursday Poll: What Upcoming Phone are You Most Excited for?

moto x

When summer hits each year, we typically get excited because we know that brand new smartphones are about flood into the market. In this industry, the summer/back-to-school and holiday seasons are always filled with new flagships from the top manufacturers. This year, though not much is official at this time, appears to be no exception. We’re expecting four new phones from Motorola, including the first inspired by the new Google leadership. But we will also see the HTC One finally arrive on Verizon, LG’s new incredibly impressive flagship called the G2, and maybe even a Galaxy Note 3 unveiling in September.

We’d like to know which phone has you most excited. Is it one of the new Motorola devices like the Moto X, the G2, the somewhat-old HTC One, or are you waiting for whatever Samsung has next?

What Upcoming Phone are You Most Excited for?

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Thursday Poll: Are You Covered by Verizon’s 4G LTE Network?

verizon logo 4g lte

This morning, Verizon announced that the build-out of their 4G LTE network is “substantially complete” and that it covers 99% of their 3G network. This news comes right on schedule with what Big Red told us earlier in the year, but even though they claim to be 99% of the way there, we are still hearing from some readers who are still only in 3G territories. So to get a feel for Verizon’s coverage, at least in the DL community, we thought we’d toss out a poll to get your feedback.

Are you covered by Big Red’s LTE network or not? Simple “yes” or “no.”

Are You Covered by Verizon's 4G LTE Network?

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Friday Poll: If You Could be the CEO of an Android Manufacturer, Who Would It be?

android oems

Fans of tech talk a lot about how they would change this or that when it comes to new phones or tablets, they question leadership of their favorite companies quite often, and almost always think they could have made the newest line of flagship products better. Well, what if you had a chance to do that? Not that you actually will, unless HTC’s CEO job opens up, but think about the company that you would most like to lead. To be more specific though, think about the Android OEM that you would most like to command. Would it be Samsung and their dominant position globally? Would you like to see if you can give Motorola the restart it so desperately needs? Can you save HTC? Could you turn LG into the next Samsung? Or is there another company (Google doesn’t count) that you would love to take over?

As always, feel free to explain your choice in the comments.

If You Could be the CEO of an Android Phone Manufacturer, Who Would It be?

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Tuesday Poll: Are You Protecting Your Smartphone?

spigen ultra thin air galaxy s4

It’s 2013, smartphones have grown to outrageous sizes, prices certainly haven’t decreased, and we’re using them even more. So we’re curious, are you still protecting your phone? Or should we say, are you protecting your technological investment? With 2-year contracts still in existence, we know that many of you have jumped on subsidized phone deals because the thought of buying a phone at full retail can give anyone a migraine. So that also means that you likely aren’t interested in forking out $650 dollars should an accident take your phone’s life. It’s been a while since we asked, but we’d love to know how you are preserving your phone.

Are you using some form of protection? Case? Screen protector? If so, be sure to tell us what you’ve chosen in the comments.

Are you protecting your smartphone?

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