Tuesday Poll: Does a Wood Phone Interest You?

Four months after introducing the Moto X at a press event in NYC, Motorola has delivered on one promise made that I’m not sure the world really expected it would ever need to see fulfilled. I’m talking about wood backs on phones, of course. Can any of us safely say that we ever imagined owning a phone made up of the natural material? I can’t. That’s not to say that owning a phone made of Bamboo, Rosewood, Ebony, or Teak wouldn’t be cool, it’s just that the thought of it hadn’t ever crossed my mind. Whether or not I had dreamed of wood is inconsequential at this point though, since Motorola has made Bamboo readily available for their Moto X through MotoMaker.

They didn’t exactly deliver all four originally promised wood options, but again, Bamboo is available now. And that brings us to today’s poll, which we realized only today that we had yet to ask. Does a real wood back on a phone even interest you? Over the last few months, we’ve talked quite a bit about wood and paying a premium for it. But now that Bamboo is ready, we get the feeling that not everyone is willing to pull the trigger.

That could be because Bamboo wasn’t the option you had in mind. It could also be that you are worried about the durability of wood, the extra $100 you’d pay to have it on a phone, or something else. Or maybe it’s exactly what you wanted and you have already placed your order. Maybe?

In the poll below, we aren’t exactly focusing on the Moto X. We want to know – in general – how you feel about phones made with wood. It could be the next Galaxy phone or whatever HTC is cooking up, but we want to know if you would buy a phone that uses wood.

Does a phone made with wood interest you?

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Monday Poll: Rooted or Non-rooted?

With 2013 sadly coming to a close, it’s time we take a step back and see just how many of you are still tinkering and playing with your Android devices. As I have said countless times, the need for rooting Android phones has fallen dramatically, as Android grows to be quite the mobile operating system – offering both speed and looks that we didn’t imagine were possible back in the days of the “OG” DROID. While the custom ROM scene will never disappear completely, it’s quite easy to see that there are probably less folks buying devices and then immediately rooting them.

For example, we have asked this “rooted or non-rooted” question before, and the percentage of rooted users has been dipping. Not at too fast of a pace, given this is an Android enthusiast site, but as we mentioned, quad-core chips with 2GB of RAM have definitely kept many users from needing to overclock their CPUs.

If you continue to root your phones, tell us why. If you choose not to, we’d also love to know why.

Rooted or Non-rooted?

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Question of the Day: What did You buy Over the Holiday Weekend?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the two days where Americans start throwing exuberant amounts of money into holiday gifts and items they themselves have been craving over. There are cheap TVs, $15 toasters, and Blu-Ray discs for $3. It’s a crazy time.

So we want to know, did you pick up anything special while the sales were available? We know many folks were hoping to pick up an off contract Moto X today through Motorola’s Cyber Monday deal, but they have apparently put that on hold for the time being thanks to their site not being able to handle so much traffic.

Let’s hear all of your new goodies in the comments below!

Sunday Night Poll: Moto X or Nexus 5?

Our comparison of the Moto X to the Nexus 5 is now complete, just in time for Motorola’s mega Cyber Monday discount that kicks off at 6AM Pacific (9AM Eastern). We gave you our opinions on some of the most important talking points between the two, but as a community driven news outlet, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t get your definitive answer in the battle.

If you had to choose between these two, seeing as they will both be available for $349 off-contract tomorrow, which would you choose? Would you go custom Moto X with Active Display and Touchless Control or pure Nexus experience, the way Google wants you to see Android?

Be sure to give your reasoning in the comments.

Which would you choose: Moto X or Nexus 5?

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Tuesday Poll: What is Your Current Phone?

As we creep towards the end of the year with no new phones on our radar and countless major releases now in our rear view, it seems like the perfect time to ask which phone you are currently carrying. We last asked in May, but since then have seen releases like the Moto X, Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, new DROID family, and of course, the Nexus 5 (our review). We also saw the HTC One finally reach Verizon and haven’t forgotten about other early flagships like the Galaxy S4. If you think about it, we have actually had quite the phone-filled year. 2014 has a lot to live up to.

In the poll below, we’ve listed out most of the major phones that we figured would be in your pockets at this stage. However, we can’t cover them all or this list would run off the page. We included a “other” category, so if your phone isn’t listed, be sure to pop in the comments and say which it is. Also, don’t forget to drop in there and mention which carrier your phone is on. We’re dying to see which prepaid carriers that new Nexus 5 owners have jumped onto.

What is Your Current Phone?

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Friday Poll: What’s Your Favorite New Feature in Android 4.4 “Kit Kat”


Kit Kat brings a ton of new features for both developers and end users. It could easily be one of single biggest list of changes made to the Android OS since Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich, and we want to know which feature has you most excited. The entire system has received sort of a facelift, with newly transparent on-screen buttons and navigation bar, and plenty of other features like the updated Google Experience Launcher, an updated smart dialer app, SMS/MMS integration into Hangouts, and a whole lot more.

If it’s something that isn’t listed, let us know down below in the comments section.

What's your favorite new feature in Android 4.4 Kit Kat?

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Thursday Poll: Did You Buy a Nexus 5?

Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is now here, and everyone who was interested in the phone quickly scrambled to Google Play, snatching up their devices as quickly as they could. It seems that a couple of the models are already out of inventory, so let us know down below if you were able to grab one.

Seems like a straight question, so let’s hear some straight answers. Also, if there is one thing that is stopping you from picking up the Nexus 5, let us know down below. Go!

Did you buy a Nexus 5?

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Monday Poll: White or Black Nexus 5?

nexus 5 white black

Over the weekend, we got a clean look at two new Nexus 5 press renders in both black and white, thanks to @evleaks. A debate was almost immediately sparked over which version of the phone looked better, with some even dubbing the white version the “panda phone.” Since it’s not fully white with sides and front sticking to the black of the all-black version, the only real difference is the back plate. So, we’re curious as to which you all prefer?

If you were to buy the Nexus 5 (potentially at the end of this week), would you go all-black or are you leaning towards the white version?

Which Nexus 5 do you prefer, the white or the black?

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