Tuesday Poll: Are You Buying the HTC 10?

Now that it’s official, we just have to ask – are you buying the HTC 10?

With a set of premium specs that mostly match up to what others have used in 2016 flagships, along with a focus on high-res audio, a 12MP camera with bigger 1.55 micron pixels, slimmed down software experience that we wish others would adopt, and supposedly best-in-class battery life, there is a lot to like here in the HTC 10. But we can’t overlook the quite high $699 price tag, the lack of AT&T availability, and May launch that seems so late.

We’ll have one in hand shortly to weigh in with our own thoughts, but now it’s time for you to tell us if this is your next phone.

Are You Buying the HTC 10?

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Poll: Where Should Fingerprint Readers be Placed? Front, Back, or Side?

With Android OEMs placing fingerprint readers all over the place on various phones, such as on the back with the Nexus 6P, on the front with the Galaxy S7, and even on the side like we see with the Robin and devices from Sony, it’s time we settled this debate once and for all.

Now, of course, everyone has their own opinion on where they want their fingerprint reader. Some like it on the back for easy access with your index finger while you are holding the device. Others like it on the front for when your device is laying on a table. We are even seeing them embedded in the power button that is on the side of a few devices, a placement that I have seen few people cheer for.

So, you decide, where the heck should fingerprint readers be placed?

Where should the fingerprint reader be placed?

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Tuesday Poll: Do You Even Mobile Pay, Bro?

We are in the fourth month of 2016 and mobile payments still aren’t really that main stream. Sure, Apple finally jumped on board with Apple Pay and adoption has picked up some, but I still don’t see the majority of people at grocery stores or movies or the mall or at sports arenas tapping to pay. When I do it, I still feel like everyone is looking at me like, “Ummm, what are you doing, sir?”

Maybe I shouldn’t have expected mobile payments to be a bigger deal by now. Then again, Google Wallet with NFC payments did launch back in September of 2011. That was well over four years ago! That’s a long time and yet, it doesn’t really seem like most people are ready to give mobile payments a full-time go. Is it because they are confusing to use? Is it because we don’t have enough retailers supporting them? Are there too many mobile payment systems to choose from? Unfortunately, I do not have the answer.

But what we do want to figure out today is whether or not any of you have used a mobile payment system – ever. It could be Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, or that terrible carrier thing called Isis, that Google eventually bought. From there, feel free to tell us if you use it regularly or why you have yet to take the plunge.

Ready? Go.

Have you used a mobile payment app?

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Wednesday Poll: Do You Pay for a Music Streaming Service?

Yesterday, SoundCloud joined the likes of Apple, Google, and Spotify with the introduction of its version of a premium tier music service that costs $10 per month. The early impressions of it are pretty mixed if not bad, which probably means that it’s probably not your top choice for a paid music service.

But if not SoundCloud, what? Are you signed up for another paid music streaming service? Do you pay for a music streaming service like Google Play Music, Apple Music, or Spotify? If so, which one and why? If not, what’s stopping you?

Do You Pay for a Music Streaming Service?

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Tuesday Poll: Do You Have a Home Phone?

Google introduced Fiber Phone, today, a home phone service that seemingly exists because there are real humans in the world that still need a home phone. I don’t personally know any, but today’s poll should fix that. Actually, we are curious how many of you still have home phone service and what your reasons for doing so are.

So that’s it, we just want to know if you have home phone service. Easy enough?

Do You Have a Home Phone?

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Question of the Day: What are Your 3 Most Used, Non-Google Apps?

Talking about LauncherPro earlier today got us thinking about apps in general. More specifically, that #TBT moment got us thinking about the apps we use the most these days, because there is a good chance they have changed in recent months or years or since the last time we asked a similar question.

So for today’s question, let’s just keep it simple and share some of our favorite apps. If you were to look at your phone and think about the 3 apps you use the most that aren’t Google apps, which would they be?

For me, it’s the 3 you are seeing above: Instagram, theScore Sports, and Fleksy. Why? Well, Instagram is about the only social network I can stand, theScore is a solid sports app that isn’t ESPN, and Fleksy somehow, some way, drew me back in after dedicating so many years to Google’s keyboard.

What about you? What are your 3 most used, non-Google apps?

Thursday Poll: What’s the Most You Would Spend on a Smartwatch?

Through the past couple of days of announcements, it is starting to feel like Android Wear is on the verge of becoming a mainstream technology and fashion item. I say that because it’s not just tech companies making watches; the fashion brands are now fully embracing smart wearables for your wrist. Michael Kors, Fossil, Casio, and Nixon all have watches arriving in 2016. Fossil even said to expect over 100+ this year out of its family of fashion brands. Outside of those non-luxury brands, companies like TAG Heuer also plan to launch a full “collection” of smartwatches, which may be joined in another year by Hublot and Zenith.

See, the world is getting on board with smartwatches whether you are ready or not. This isn’t just a techie nerd niche any longer. We have legitimate fashion brands fully committed to making smartwatches that will be sold in jewelry stores, at Macy’s or Nordstrom, and in skate shops.

For today’s poll, we want to know how much you would be willing to spend on any of these new smartwatches (or just smartwatches in general). We are seeing some priced at $395, others at $500, and expect many to be well above those price points depending on the brand. Of course, we also will continue to see those in the $200 range.

What’s the most you would spend?

What's the Most You Would Spend on a Smartwatch?

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Question of the Day: Do You Use a 3rd Party Launcher? Which One?

In today’s Galaxy S7 tips and tricks video, the 2nd to last tip I suggest is for you to swap out the Samsung TouchWiz launcher and app drawer for something on Google Play, a 3rd party launcher. I suggest this in almost every single tips and tricks video because 3rd party launchers really can turn your phone into a powerhouse of efficiency (and Samsung’s launcher is terrible).

With a 3rd party launcher, you can easily change the look of your phone with an icon pack, take more control over the layout of widgets and icons and other home screen add-ons, introduce gestures for accessing settings or apps or shortcuts, and even do really cool things like access an app’s widget with a swipe on its icon. 3rd party launchers are awesome. In fact, changing to Nova Launcher – the DL favorite – is the first thing I do after completing a review of a phone.

For today’s question, it seemed like the perfect time to catch-up on the launchers you are all using these days. Are you still using a 3rd party launcher? If so, which one and why?