Galaxy S5 Roundup: Theatrics to be Pulled Back, Will Not Feature QHD Display or Retina Scanner

We always say throughout the course of any given calendar year that nothing is ever confirmed until made official by either the OEM or the carrier. The reason we say this is because in this industry, pundits love having the inside scoop, and with that, we usually see unconfirmed device specs and other info well before it is ever 100% official.

As we have seen with the Galaxy S5, one of the more anticipated devices of 2014, the rumors and speculation have been off the charts. We have heard about retina scanners, Quad-HD displays with insane resolutions, fingerprint scanners, and a whole ton of other info. Since Samsung has finally announced an unveiling date for the device, we should start to be able to cut back on a lot of the hypebeastin’ and get down to what exactly the Galaxy S5 will be.  (more…)

Newest Leak Suggests HTC M8 Looks “Strikingly” Like the One, Will Launch Late March

Over the weekend, plenty of new rumors dropped on the interwebs for the HTC M8, the successor of the HTC One. Leading the charge is evleaks, who posted two separate tweets surrounding the M8; one regarding its looks and another concerning the launch of the device. According to the tweets, the “M8 looks strikingly like the M7 (One),” and we should see a launch of the device in New York City around late March.  (more…)

GRAIN OF SALT: Rumors Suggest Nexus Program is Dying in 2015, Lenovo Gets to Make One of the Last

If you read tech sites outside of this one, there is a chance you read the rumor from earlier in the week from industry player Eldar Murtazin, which suggested that Google is going to kill off its Nexus program some time in 2015 and replace it with its Google Play Edition line, though that name may change by the time this all unfolds. Clearly, we ignored the hell out of this rumor. Because well, it’s just a giant one-line rumor on Twitter with nothing to back it. To add to the plot, though, Murtazin returned shortly after the Lenovo-Motorola deal was announced to suggest that Lenovo will make one of the last Nexus devices ever.

So what do we think? Seeing as 2014 just started, Google just released the Nexus 5 (a device that helped carry LG’s last quarter), and all sorts of new Google Play Edition devices are available, I couldn’t tell you. My initial reaction is to not worry about it at this point.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 Leaks Substantiate Rumors of Fingerprint Sensor and 2K Display

Samsung’s done little to stem the flow of leaks regarding its next flagship handset, but that’s good news for us. The latest updates from @evleaks lend credence to several rumored features of the Galaxy S4’s successor, and essentially confirm (if there was any doubt) that Samsung will stick to convention and market the new smartphone as the Galaxy S5. (more…)

HTC M8, Successor to the One, Will Launch in Four Colors According to Newest Rumor

According to the newest rumor, which originated on Twitter from XDA’s TV producer Shen Ye, the HTC M8 (the One successor) will come in four different colors on launch day. The tweet features four different color codes, representing the colors red, blue, dark grey (black), and light grey (silver). These same colors were used on the original One from HTC, but the blue appears to be a bit lighter than the darker blue which was used on the One a few months after the device launched.  (more…)

Ready for the LG G3? Report Says It’s Coming in May

After a decent year for LG, but one that still saw Samsung dominate headlines and sales charts with its line of Galaxy phones, the company may be moving towards a May release of its next flagship, potentially called the G3. According to a report from Korean media, the new May release time frame will be done specifically to put it close to Samsung’s April launch of the Galaxy S5(more…)

Report: HTC to Launch One Follow-up in March With “Twin-sensor” Camera and Larger Display

According to a report out of Bloomberg this morning, HTC will release its follow-up to the One in March. Their sources – a person with direct knowledge of HTC’s plans – claim that the phone will once again be called “One,” sport a display greater than the 4.7-inch panel used in the original One yet smaller than the 5.9-inch display of the One Max, run Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processor, and carry a “twin-sensor” camera.

A display greater than 4.7-inches could mean 5-inch or 5.2-inch for all we know. The details given were not specific. The latest Snapdragon processor could be the 805, since the 800 isn’t exactly new these days and no phone currently runs the 805. But what about this “twin-sensor” camera?  (more…)

Facebook Readies “Paper,” a Flipboard-like Competitor for Possible January Launch

According to sources of Recode inside Facebook, the social network is almost set to launch a reader application, known as Paper. Paper, much like Flipboard, will be an aggregator, combining the web’s top stories, your friend’s status updates and paid advertisements, into a streamlined experience that you will want to read every morning; like a newspaper.  (more…)