Sony Slips, Shows Off Unannounced Tablet and Smartwatch in Promo on Facebook

With IFA kicking off next week, the week before is usually packed with unintentional leaks. The newest leak is from Sony, who may have accidentally shown off two upcoming products in one promo that was placed on its Facebook page.

In the promo, which looks to have been taken down by now, a man sitting poolside is pictured using an unknown tablet, while also wearing an unknown smartwatch. The smartwatch, could either be an upcoming SmartWatch-branded device, or even better, Sony’s first Android Wear-powered smartwatch. The design, to us, gives off a Samsung vibe, especially in the clasp region of the bands.  (more…)

T-Mobile Adds 2GB $45 Simple Starter Plan to Line-up

T-Mobile added a new option to its Simple Starter plan line-up today that quadruples the original plan’s data bucket from 500MB to 2GB of LTE data per month. The new plan is a limited time offer that runs $45 per month, which is just $5 more than the 500MB offering. So yes, for $5 more, you can get 2GB of data along with unlimited talk and text.

With the Simple Starter plan, there are no overages and no annual contracts.

The new plan is available September 3.  (more…)

Coin Finally Apologizes to Backers After Attempting to Sweep Delay News Under the Rug

As a crowd-funded project, what’s the best way to completely piss off your hundreds of thousands of backers over night after having given them nothing but positive vibes for almost a year, even when you are days from launching your product? Well, you do what Coin did. On Friday, Coin – the credit card to replace all cards – did something pretty ball-less. Only a week after telling its backers that it would start shipping their Coin credit cards by August 28 and that everything was on-schedule and awesome, a series of news stories showed up detailing a number of massive changes to the program that none of their backers knew anything about.

This is more than likely how it went down.  (more…)

LG Will Unveil a Round Smartwatch at IFA, Takes Dig at Moto 360 in Teaser

Rumors of a new LG smartwatch making its debut at IFA in Berlin over the first week of September popped up a week ago. Those are no longer rumors, as LG unveiled an official teaser this morning for its latest smartwatch that will indeed be shown off at IFA. And guess what? It will be a round smartwatch. Call it the G Watch R or G Watch Round or whatever you feel like, one thing is certain – the Moto 360 now has a competitor in the round smartwatch space.  (more…)

This Week in the Life of DROID: 8/22/2014

We are wrapping up another week here at DL, but big things are looming, as we are now only one week away from the beginning of September. With September comes a ton of announcements, highlighted by those set to be made by Samsung, Motorola, and a few others. It should be an intense month for Android lovers.

This week, we learned a lot more about the Moto 360, and might have even found out its price thanks to a screw up over at Best Buy. How does $249 sound? In addition, HTC’s reported “Flounder” Nexus device received WiFi certification, we compare leaked renders of the new Moto X+1 to last year’s Moto X, and finally, Swing Copters made its way to Google Play.

Here are the highlights just in case you missed anything.  (more…)

Add Motorola XT1112 to the List of Possible “Shamu” Devices

A Motorola device under the codename “shamu” is largely thought to be the next Nexus device from Google. With that bit of information made public through a couple of reports, tech enthusiasts are doing anything in their power to try and find mentions or appearances of the device, because well, Nexus remains a huge deal in the Android world. With that in mind, feel free to add a Motorola phone under the model number XT1112 to your list of possible “shamu” devices.

The model number appeared this week through Zauba, an import/export tracking system in India that has been both correct and wrong in the past at helping us track down future devices. In other words, add the number to the list, but don’t invest deeply in it.  (more…)

Nova Launcher Beta Updated With New Drawer Animations, App Drawer Search Additions

The beta group for Nova Launcher received an update for their launcher application today, one which brings new app drawer animations, as well as a few important bug fixes.

Detailed in the GIF image below, users can choose between a few nifty drawer animations, such as a circular opening, slide up motion, and others. To highlight the fixes, users were previously unable to manually change the app drawer icon on their home screen, but thanks to the update, this issue has been fixed. And here I was, thinking it was only me having the problem.  (more…)