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Chromebooks Just Killed the Tablet

If you are at all considering an Android tablet purchase at the moment, feel free to stop. I say that because in a couple of weeks, Android apps and the Google Play store will arrive on select Chromebooks. By the end of the year, those same apps will arrive on...
lg g5 review

Opinion: The LG G5 is No More Than a Proof of Concept

LG went big this year with the G5 flagship in introducing a modular design, a concept that many in the Android world have been excited about, thanks to similar efforts such as Project Ara. Unfortunately for LG, and essentially anyone who decides to purchase...
lg g5

Why the LG G5 Should be Your Next Phone

Immediately after both Samsung and LG unveiled their next flagship phones this past weekend, the discussion began - which of the three (if any) are you going to buy? We tossed out polls asking not only that question, but why you might be passing on all three ...