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htc u11 blue

I’m Excited for HTC’s 2018

Kind of a weird take, right? Hear me out on this. As I noted in our last DL Show of 2017, the smartphone world of 2018 doesn't exactly excite me. I don't say that because there aren't new fun toys on the horizon that we'll be able to play with, review, and...
oneplus 5t worth it?

Is OnePlus Quickly Becoming What It Once Challenged?

With the introduction of the OnePlus 5T, we're now seven or so phones into OnePlus as a company. What better time than now to talk about the direction they are headed, right? Since the launch of the OnePlus One in 2014, we have not only seen OnePlus continue...
pixel 2 update

Opinion: Google is Still Bad at Selling Phones

So you're having troubles with your new Pixel order from Google? Dang. Well, I hate to break this to you, but it has been this way for years. Looking back through our post archives, Google has had issues when it comes to meeting demand for its flagship devices...