April Fools Roundup: Hasselhoff+, Waze, SwiftKey, Imangi Acquires Doodle Jump, and More

Instead of filling up your feed with a ton of pointless prank articles, we will combine them all into one nice, digestible piece for you to see here. This year, we had lots of good jokes coming from Google, as well as a few not-so-funny attempts from Samsung and HTC.

Plenty of other companies got in on the fun as well, so here’s a quick look at what each company did for April Fools’ Day.  (more…)

Google Looks to Hire Pokémon Master in Latest April Fools’ Gag

With April Fools’ taking place tomorrow, Google will look to continue its long running stand as the king of pranks. With tons of cash to spend on elaborate ideas, the company has become known for over-the-top jokes; featuring celebrities, fantastic videos, and a ton of custom software to go along with the schemes.

The latest prank from Google is the Pokémon Challenge, which is an attempt by the company to hire a “Pokémon Master.” In order to get the gig, folks from all over the world must explore their surroundings using Google Maps, capturing Pokémon. The first to “catch ‘em all” will win the position at Mountain View.  (more…)

Smart Cube – The Accessory That Makes the Android-powered NX Camera Pointless

YouTube Preview Image

There are many pro photographers out there that are using “dumb” cameras. There is no easy way for these trained professionals to take their stunning images, upload them to the cloud or edit them on the fly, without first having to import them to the computer. With the newly introduced Smart Cube, now even the dumbest of DSLR cameras can be “smart.”  (more…)

HTC One Goes Up Against .50 Cal and Wins….Just Kidding

50 Cal HTC One

It might seem a bit odd that we complain whenever we see drop tests of the newest and top devices, but deep down it’s fun to watch phones be destroyed. When it comes to turning these devices to scrap, there is only one thing better than the drop test, and that’s the .50 cal test. Well, maybe two, the second being the “Will it blend?” test. Either way, this is the better one of those two.  (more…)

LG Trolls Samsung With Well-Placed Optimus G Billboards in Times Square

LG Optimus Times Square Troll

Someone on LG’s marketing street team is a genius. This morning, new billboards went up in Times Square, directly over Samsung’s “The Next Galaxy” ad that reads, “LG Optimus is here 4 you now!”

We know that Samsung spent $400+ million dollars on marketing Galaxy last year alone, but it’s starting to look like they should have spent just a tad bit more. Well played, LG.

You mad, Sammy?

Via: Engadget

Android Friends, Be Kind to All of the New iPhone 5 Users Tomorrow – They May be Lost and in Need of a Maps App

Android friends and family, tomorrow is a big day. It’s time to start preparing. In case you didn’t realize it yet, September 21 is the day that millions of new phone owners across the globe will have trouble finding their way to work, to the nearest gas station, to their lunch or dinner reservation, and as you can see in the picture above, surviving through take-off at their local airport. Tomorrow, is iPhone 5 launch day.